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Rhode Island Heating Oil

By choosing Smart Touch Energy, you’re also choosing easy online ordering, loyalty rewards and online price checking. Convenience without contracts or commitments. These are reasons why people who live in Rhode Island choose us for their home heating oil. As long as you’re with Smart Touch Energy, you’re able to easily check fuel prices online and order from anywhere. Look forward to quick delivery from reliable dealers, especially during the winter.

Check Live Pricing in Rhode Island.

While it's the smallest state in the country in terms of size, Rhode Island’s people and history cast a wide shadow over the culture of New England. From its origins as a breakaway colony and a haven for those suffering under religious persecution, the state has had a fierce independent streak, which has manifested itself in a number of different ways. Today, you’ll see it in its residents’ perseverance in the face of long and cold winters. When average lows drop to the mid-20s in January and February, neighbors band together to help each other.

It's this spirit of community that drives Smart Touch Energy to offer world-class heating oil delivery for Rhode Island residents. We believe that by working as one, we improve the lives of both our customers and ourselves. As a Shipley Energy company, we have leveraged the buying power that comes with being part of one of the largest oil delivery networks in the country to offer great prices on heating oil for all of Rhode Island. Best of all, we back up everything we do with service that goes the extra mile for homeowners. Keep reading to learn more about how we’re raising the bar for heating oil companies in RI.

Ease of Checking Oil Prices in RI

New England oil prices vary from one state to the next. At Smart Touch Energy, we make it easy to find the most current prices in The Ocean State.

To get started, enter your zip code into the secure form on this page. You'll then see the up-to-date cost and an assortment of heating oil delivery options. We list the price in the following gallon increments: 100, 150, 200, 250, and 275. You can also select a different amount if you prefer.

While the price per gallon is the same regardless of order size, a surcharge applies for orders less than 99 gallons. 

The delivery method you select will impact your overall cost. For example, our Automatic Delivery option offers a lower price per gallon of oil, and there is no additional charge for smaller orders. An extra fee applies to emergency orders where we deliver within 24 hours.

You have the convenience of checking Rhode Island and New England oil prices whenever you wish- all you need is a smartphone, tablet, or internet-enabled computer. You get the benefit of real-time pricing to help you make an informed purchasing decision for your household.

Our Service Area

Despite its small size, there are few oil delivery companies that offer consistent service throughout Rhode Island. Too often, residents outside of Providence, Warwick and other population centers are hit with extra delivery fees, long waits for service and other inconveniences. At Smart Touch Energy, our reach positions us to offer oil delivery throughout the state, thanks to our network of dealer partners in locations like:

To check prices in your area, simply enter your ZIP code and email address into our secure online form. In all but the most extreme weather conditions, your order can be fulfilled within three days or less of receiving your online payment.

Online Ordering: How It Works

Smart Touch Energy’s online ordering platform is the easiest way to arrange heating oil delivery to your RI home. With just a few clicks, you can access up-to-the-minute oil prices for Rhode Island, request a delivery, add on extras such as HVAC service and pay your bill ahead of time. You don’t need to sign a contract or make any sort of long-term commitment. We believe our everyday low prices and excellent service are enough to keep customers coming back. Some advantages to ordering online include:

  • Convenience – Our website operates around the clock, 365 days a year. Place your order as soon as you realize you are running low — there’s no need to wait on hold or take time out of your day to call your regular supplier. Once your order is processed, one of our team members will contact you directly to discuss the details of your delivery and arrange a time that’s convenient for you. By paying ahead of time, you also don’t have to worry about keeping cash or a check on hand when the delivery comes.
  • Transparent pricing – There are no hidden fees or extra charges when you buy oil online from Rhode Island’s Smart Touch Energy. You’ll see exactly what you’re paying for and why. You also never have to pay for fuel or services you don’t need. If, for example, you order 300 gallons of fuel, but only need 250 to fill your tank, we refund the difference automatically. Paying online also lets you lock in a good rate. If oil prices in RI rise before your delivery is completed, you don’t have to pay extra.
  • Lower admin fees – An additional benefit of having an online store instead of a brick-and-mortar location is that it keeps our overhead lower. We can then pass the savings on to our customers in the form of lower administration fees.
  • Paperless billing – Through our online platform, you can utilize the convenience of paperless billing. It’s easier to maintain for your records, less likely to get lost and better for the environment.

All of the above features of online ordering have clear benefits for your pocketbook. In fact, when you check our prices against averages posted by the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA), you’ll see our rates are as much as $0.40 per gallon lower. For the typical homeowner, that’s a yearly savings of over $200!

Expanded Delivery Options in Rhode Island

At Smart Touch Energy, we recognize that no two homes are alike in terms of heating requirements. We also understand that household budgets vary widely. We offer our customers multiple choices when selecting a delivery method, enabling you to find the one that works best for your unique circumstances.

Available delivery options in RI include:

Automatic Delivery

This method is our most popular because it removes the burden of ordering oil from our customers' shoulders. When you sign up for the program, we'll gather information regarding your home heating needs and oil consumption patterns. A sophisticated computer algorithm interprets the data, enabling us to get an accurate estimate of when it's time to refill your tank. We'll then contact you to schedule a convenient delivery.

Automatic Delivery does not require a long-term commitment or contractual obligation. Best of all, it features our lowest oil prices in RI — you'll save 3 cents per gallon.

One-Time Delivery

Our One-Time Delivery option works well for homeowners who want more control over their oil deliveries. You simply contact us when it's time to fill your tank, and we'll be there within three business days. To schedule a delivery, set up a free online account, view the current oil prices in RI, and place your order.

Emergency Heating Oil Delivery

Running out of heating oil can cause despair, especially when it happens in the middle of a frigid New England winter. It's comforting to know that Smart Touch Energy is available to come to your rescue. We'll arrive at your RI home within 24 hours to refill your tank. We also offer a Prime and Restart service, which is typically necessary to make your system operational again if you run out of oil.

Heating Rhode Island's Historic Homes

According to the Energy Information Administration’s estimates, more than a third of Rhode Island homes rely on oil for heat during a long winter. If you’re one of them, make Smart Touch Energy your first choice for oil delivery. In everything we do, we strive to make home comfort easier and more affordable for all residents of the Ocean State. Learn more by continuing to browse our website, or contact a representative by phone or email for assistance.