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Hershey Heating Oil

For residents of the home to one of the country’s favorite chocolate makers, the benefits of ordering Hershey fuel oil online are about to make life a little sweeter. With Smart Touch Energy, you get an easy-to-use website, the ability to check prices online anytime and great customer service. And if long-term commitments and complicated contracts aren’t your thing, don’t worry. Neither one is required.

Check Live Pricing For Hershey

Hershey, PA — located just east of Harrisburg — has plenty to offer as a family-friendly community, but it’s no secret that from November through April average low temperatures here can dip into the 30s or below. For any household on a budget, that means having dependable Hershey heating oil delivery at affordable prices is crucial to surviving Pennsylvania’s long winters.

Driving Factors Behind Hershey Heating Oil Prices

You’ve most likely seen your Hershey fuel oil prices jump in the winter, and maybe you’ve read articles about international events affecting oil prices. But what’s really behind Hershey heating oil prices? Read on to find out:

  • International events: While international events can cause some fluctuations in crude oil prices, they only comprise a small portion of what ultimately makes a difference in Hershey fuel oil prices.
  • Supply and demand: Much of what you notice in bumps to your fuel oil bill in the winter comes from the supply and demand scenario. As other home fuel companies notice their supplies shrinking, they’ll increase their prices to match those of their competitors. Fortunately, with Smart Touch Energy, there’s a better way. We use our resources to purchase heating oil in bulk during the summer when prices are at their lowest. Then, with a large supply, we’re able to sell directly to you at stable prices throughout the year. 
  • Administrative costs: Running any company requires certain costs, but with our commitment to efficiency, we’re able to eliminate non-essential costs. For example, our online platform allows us to reduce paper waste and many administrative fees. The results are lower costs to our customers — and that means you save even more.

Why Choose Smart Touch Energy for Your Hershey Fuel Oil Delivery?

North and south of Chocolate Avenue — from its borders with Hummelstown to Palmdale — more and more families of Hershey are reaping the benefits of making Smart Touch Energy their heating oil supplier. Here are some top reasons why:

  • Ease of ordering: Our website lets you check real-time fuel oil prices, place an order and securely pay online. Then, all that’s left for you to do is sit back and track your order from wherever you access the internet.
  • Unbeatable service: With a network of pre-screened fuel dealers, you get quick, reliable and courteous service that’s fully focused on your satisfaction. 
  • Affordable pricing: With transparent and stable heating oil prices, you save on every order. Plus, if you like our service enough to tell your friends, check out our referral program for even more savings!

Hershey Fuel Oil Delivery Options

Smart Touch Energy knows every household is unique, so we offer several delivery options. You have the choice of the following economically priced services:

  • Automatic delivery service: Our automatic program monitors when you need more heating fuel. Then, we reward your loyalty by giving you a discount of $0.03 per gallon. And that’s in addition to our already low prices!
  • One-time delivery service: Get online convenience and our everyday low prices in our one-time delivery service with no strings attached.
  • Emergency delivery service: For heating oil delivery in 24 hours or less, our emergency service is here to serve you. We’ll even prime and restart your heating system if you need it.

Need more information? Simply contact us today and get all your home fuel oil questions answered.