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Connecticut Heating Oil

Do you live in Connecticut and rely on an oil furnace to keep your home warm and comfortable during those frigid New England winters? Heating oil is the one household commodity you don't want to run out of, especially when the temperature dips below freezing. You need a supplier you can rely on to respond quickly — and who offers competitive oil prices in CT. You also need access to fast, easy, and secure ordering when it's time to refill your tank.

Easy online ordering. Loyalty rewards. Online price checking. Convenience. These service benefits are why Connecticut residents choose Smart Touch Energy for their fuel oil needs. Check local heating oil prices online and order anywhere. Enjoy quick delivery from reliable local dealers. No contracts or commitments, ever!

Check Live Pricing in Connecticut

Residents of the Constitution State know how important it is to have reliable heating oil delivery during a long Connecticut winter. Smart Touch Energy — a Shipley Energy company — makes it easy to keep warm and comfortable all year long. We offer heating oil delivery in Connecticut and beyond. With convenient online ordering, affordable pricing and expert maintenance programs for all your Heating Ventilating and Cooling equipment, we can manage all of your home comfort needs.

Let our team take the stress and guesswork out of heating oil delivery — simply enter your zip code into our convenient online form to get current pricing in your corner of CT.

Why Smart Touch Energy Is Your Best Choice for Heating Oil Delivery in CT

With a reach that covers much of the Northeast, Smart Touch Energy is perfectly positioned to be your full-service heating oil delivery partner in CT. If your home runs on oil, you should consider us for all your heating and service needs. We provide:

  • Low pricing: Smart Touch Energy's heating oil pricing is some of the most affordable in the state, with per-unit pricing up to $0.40 lower than the Energy Information Administration (EIA)'s averages. In fact, many of our customers save over $300 a year by switching to Smart Touch Energy. How do we do it? As one of the region's largest fuel suppliers, we have the infrastructure in place to keep delivery and administrative costs low, and we pass these savings on to our customers.
  • Transparent billing: When you order heating oil for your home, you want to know the price you're quoted is the same price you'll pay. At Smart Touch Energy, we never charge hidden fees and you only pay for the oil you need. The only time you’ll see a change between your quote and your final bill will be if less oil is needed, in which case you'll pay less.
  • Online ordering: Placing an order for home heating oil delivery should be seamless. According to our research, 83% of customers prefer ordering online. With Smart Touch Energy, all it takes is a few minutes to make a delivery request and pay your bill.
  • Flexible delivery options: Smart Touch Energy has a network of regional delivery partners throughout Connecticut, from Stamford to Hartford and beyond. Standard delivery time is within three days of placing your order. Rush service is also available so if you run out suddenly, you never have to be without heat for long. We also offer convenient auto-fill programs that ensure you always have the oil you need to heat your home.

Still not convinced Smart Touch Energy is your best choice for heating oil delivery in Connecticut? Read on to learn more about some of the value-added services we offer our customers, or contact our office to speak with a sales representative directly.

Easily Order Home Heating Oil

At Smart Touch Energy, we offer flexible online options to meet every customer's needs and heating oil price requirements in CT. Your wide range of choices includes:

Automatic Oil Delivery

For many customers, our Automatic Delivery option provides maximum convenience, and it also features a lower price per gallon. This method prevents you from having to place orders and schedule deliveries. Instead, we contact you when it's time to refill your tank. We use our smart algorithm to provide an accurate assessment of your household consumption patterns and other factors that impact oil usage. You won't have to worry about managing your oil deliveries — we take care of it for you.

You don't have to make a long-term commitment or sign a binding contract to use Automatic Delivery — you're free to cancel the service at any time.

One-Time Delivery

Perhaps you thought you had enough fuel in the tank to last the winter. An extended cold spell or an increase in demand could require a refill. With our One-Time Delivery service, we'll deliver oil to your home within three business days. You'll get the extra fuel you need to get through the rest of the season. You can also use this option to top off the tank before the cold weather arrives.

Emergency Delivery Service

If you're not in the habit of monitoring your tank's level during winter, you could find yourself running out of fuel. This situation often occurs during peak usage periods — when you need heating oil the most. With our emergency service, we can respond within 24 hours to replenish your oil supply and return the warmth to your home.

No matter which option you choose, you get the convenience of online ordering from Smart Touch Energy. Begin by registering for a free and secure online account. You can then log in from your web-connected computer, smartphone, or tablet and enter your ZIP code to check the latest home heating oil prices in CT. Choose the delivery option you prefer, and you'll get a quick calculation of the total cost of your delivery based on the number of gallons you wish to purchase.

Once you've completed the transaction, the Smart Touch Energy dealer in your area will send an email to confirm your purchase and provide more delivery details.

With our online service, you have 24/7 access to the current heating oil prices in CT. You'll also avoid the extended wait that may occur when attempting to place an order by telephone, especially during peak usage periods when demand is highest.

Burner Service

In addition to our reliable oil delivery, we also provide services that ensure your furnace, oil tank and other system components are healthy and working properly. If you run out of fuel or are just starting up your burner for the season, take advantage of our prime and restart services. We fill your tank, restart your system and prime it to remove air from the fuel lines, preventing major damage. You can schedule this service at any time or add it to your regular oil delivery appointment.

We also provide preventive maintenance services to keep your burner in peak condition. During a preventive maintenance appointment, we will replace your oil filter, inspect your chimney flue, clean your boiler chambers and perform many tasks that are vital to your system's health.

Understanding Heating Oil Pricing

Part of making smart choices about your home heating delivery requires educating yourself about the factors that affect oil and fuel costs. To help you better understand why Smart Touch Energy offers the best fuel prices in CT, it's important to consider what causes prices to fluctuate over time:

  • Seasonal demand: Average temperatures in Connecticut drop from 63°F to 53°F between October and November, and they keep getting colder throughout the winter. Colder temperatures mean a greater demand for heating oil, which drives up prices until the spring thaw.
  • Competition: between oil companies can lead to regional variations in heating oil costs. In CT, rural areas of the state tend to be underserved by delivery companies, which can drive up prices. One of the benefits of going with a state-wide oil supplier such as Smart Touch Energy is that our expanded network makes it easier to guarantee a level of service and consistency in pricing.
  • Operating costs: Likewise, the cost of running a business is also a factor in the price of oil. Transportation and administration fees are a large part of this cost. Choosing a company that has a better reputation for managing these costs will lead to more stable pricing and more reliable service.
  • Market fluctuations: Many people think international events are the largest contributor to fluctuations in oil prices but the truth is, the effect is relatively negligible for homeowners. Larger fuel suppliers, in particular, can buy in bulk, which provides a hedge against rising costs.

Choose Smart Touch Energy for Low Connecticut Heating Oil Prices

With our low oil prices, easy ordering and billing processes, reliable delivery and comprehensive burner services, Smart Touch Energy is your go-to source for heating oil. Whether you need emergency oil delivery or are searching to find the best oil prices in CT, we can help. Place your order or schedule a maintenance appointment today for exceptional heating oil services.