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Poughkeepsie Heating Oil

Poughkeepsie homeowners can count on Smart Touch Energy for heating oil delivery and related services. We are unique among fuel companies thanks to our combination of innovation, service and value. We provide online ordering and payment that takes the hassle out of scheduling an order, fast delivery to your home and everyday low pricing.

Check Live Pricing in Poughkeepsie

If your home relies on heating oil, a few minutes on the Smart Touch Energy website is all it takes to arrange a delivery. Create your account today to check our current rates and get started.

Why Choose Smart Touch Energy?

We know you have your choice of home heating oil suppliers. Here's why Smart Touch Energy is a leader in this crowded field:

  • Online ordering: More than 83% of homeowners prefer to order heating fuel online. Find out why it's a faster, easier and overall better alternative to calling around and waiting on hold. Place an order at any time in our secure online portal, and pay in advance for maximum convenience.
  • Fast service: We work with multiple fuel suppliers in the Poughkeepsie area to fulfill all orders in three days or less. Need it faster? See below or call our office for details about our emergency service option.
  • Reliable deliveries: We carefully vet all our partners to ensure each one will provide reliable, courteous service to everyone we do business with. Your delivery driver will arrive on time and treat your home respectfully while they work.
  • Exceptional value: Online ordering and bulk buying power help us keep our overhead costs low. As a result, we can offer some of the most value-forward fuel oil prices in Poughkeepsie. Compare us to the competition and see how much time, money and hassle you can save.

Smart Touch Energy serves customers throughout the Hudson Valley and upstate New York. Let us help you get the fuel you need to stay warm all winter long.

Fuel Oil Delivery Options for Poughkeepsie Homes

Whether you need a one-time order or want to make us your exclusive provider for fuel oil in Poughkeepsie, we offer no-contract, no-commitment service options that cater to your needs. Options include:

  • Automatic delivery: Register for our automatic heating oil delivery program and never worry about filling up again. Using a sophisticated algorithm that anticipates your fuel usage, we'll track your tank levels over time and automatically schedule a top-up well before you are in danger of running out. When you make us your dedicated provider, you'll enjoy our lowest heating oil prices, saving up to $0.03/gallon compared to our standard pricing. 
  • One-time delivery: Want more control over when you top up your heating oil tank? You don't have to be enrolled in our automatic delivery program to place an order with Smart Touch Energy. Use our online portal to request a one-time delivery and get your fuel in three days or less. We're confident our convenience and low pricing will make you a repeat customer. 
  • Emergency delivery: Don't risk running out of fuel — if your tank is low, get in today for emergency delivery. For a small extra fee, we'll get you the fuel you need in 24 hours or less. If necessary, we can also prime and restart your tank, avoiding potential damage to your home HVAC system and saving you the trouble of calling a separate technician. 

Place an order today and see for yourself why we're the smart choice for heating oil delivery in Poughkeepsie and throughout upstate New York. To find out Poughkeepsie area fuel oil prices and take advantage of the many Smart Touch Energy benefits, enter your zip code now!