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Bridgeport Heating Oil

Connecticut’s largest city knows a great deal about the extended chill of New England winters. Located right where the Pequonnock River empties into the Long Island Sound, the historic seaport of Bridgeport experiences average low temperatures in the 30s or below from November through April. That’s why Smart Touch Energy is offering Bridgeport heating oil delivery that saves you both time and money.

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With our online platform, you can check real-time prices, place orders and enjoy loyalty rewards — all while receiving top-rated customer service. And don’t be concerned about confusing contracts or commitments — we don’t require them!

Factors Affecting Bridgeport Fuel Oil Prices

At Smart Touch Energy, we put our more than 85 years of experience to work for you. We understand what affects Bridgeport heating oil prices, and we do our best to mitigate those factors that are within our control. So if you’re tired of seasonal fuel oil price hikes just when you want to turn up the thermostat, we can help you:

  • Escape Supply and Demand: It’s a familiar story: Winter arrives, and local fuel oil suppliers’ prices go up. Unfortunately, as demand increases and their supplies dwindle, you end up paying more for heating oil precisely when you need it most. Now, enter Smart Touch Energy's different approach. We use our resources to buy heating oil in the summer — when prices are predictably at their lowest. Then, we turn the supply and demand scenario on its head by selling heating oil at summertime prices all year long. That means you get quality oil, stability and savings!
  • Save With Lower Admin Fees: Some costs are unavoidable, like those associated with delivering excellent customer service. But we know we can cut other costs. For example, our online platform allows us to reduce paper waste and eliminate non-essential administrative fees. By staffing only roles that are vital to customer service, we cut our total costs and share the savings with you.

Why Choose Smart Touch Energy as Your Bridgeport Fuel Oil Supplier?

From the East Side to the North End, more and more Bridgeport households are turning to Smart Touch Energy for the following benefits:

  • Online Convenience: You can check heating oil prices, as well as place and pay for your order all via the Internet. No more phone calls. No more waiting around on hold. Then track your order online — it’s that convenient!
  • Premium Service: Our local fuel suppliers are all pre-screened so you can count on fast, reliable and courteous service. Customer satisfaction is our top priority!
  • Economical Pricing: Lower fees and economical oil pricing save you money on every order you place. Tell your friends about us, and our referral program will save you even more!

Bridgeport Fuel Oil Delivery Options

Life isn’t one-size-fits-all, so neither is our delivery service. See which of our options best fits your lifestyle:

  • Automatic Delivery Service: Our automatic option monitors and delivers heating oil whenever you need it. Then, we reward you for your loyalty with a $0.03 discount off every gallon — in addition to our already low prices!
  • One-Time Delivery Service: Enjoy all the convenience of online ordering, every day low prices and excellent customer service in our one-time delivery option. A great deal with no strings attached! 
  • Emergency Delivery Service: Almost out? No worries! Our emergency service will deliver in 24 hours or less. We’ll also offer priming and restarting of your heating system if you need it.

Why pay more? Contact us now for answers to all your home heating oil questions and start saving today!