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Take advantage of easy online ordering, loyalty rewards, online price checking, and convenience when you choose Smart Touch Energy for your home heating oil in Delaware. Through quick and easy price checking and our online ordering system, you’ll save time, money, and enjoy fast delivery from reliable local companies! There are no contracts, no commitments.

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Delaware’s unpredictable winter weather can pose various challenges, particularly for 26% of homeowners in the state who rely on fuel oil for heat. One winter can be mild and rainy, while the next year’s bitter cold can make it feel like you never have enough fuel on hand.

While you can’t predict the weather, you do have a choice in who you buy heating oil from in Delaware. Working with a supplier that delivers low pricing, convenient service and fast delivery is the best way to manage your budget while staying warm and comfortable throughout the winter.

Understanding Oil Prices — Why It Pays to Shop Around

A lot of companies claim to offer the best prices on home heating oil in Delaware. But what really affects how much you pay, and how much can you save by shopping around? Generally, there are two factors that determine the price of fuel oil in Delaware:

  • Seasonal demand, with prices spiking in the winter months when more homes require fuel
  • Administration and delivery fees, which are set by your supplier

It may be surprising to learn that international events have little to do with the price you pay for heating fuel. Today, most oil used domestically is produced either in the U.S. or in nearby Canada, Mexico and the Caribbean. For homeowners, this means your choice of a fuel oil supplier can have a major impact on how much you pay over the course of the winter. However, a reliable supplier can save you money by:

  • Buying and storing fuel in bulk when prices are low, and using this as a hedge against seasonal spikes
  • Running a streamlined operation that reduces admin fees
  • Investing in infrastructure and equipment that gets your purchase to you in a more economical manner

In Delaware, Smart Touch Energy is proud to be offering all these benefits and more to any homeowner who relies on fuel oil.

About Smart Touch Energy

Smart Touch Energy is a division of Shipley Energy, one of the oldest and largest fuel delivery companies in the Northeast and mid-Atlantic regions. As a result, we have the infrastructure and the expertise to offer lower prices and better service for heating oil delivery in Delaware and beyond. Some of the exclusive benefits you’ll only find with Smart Touch Energy include:

  • Our low prices – With rates up to $0.40/gallon less than averages posted by the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA), Smart Touch Energy helps homeowners keep their utility bills in check without sacrificing comfort during a long Delaware winter.
  • Transparent billing – Up-to-the-minute rates are available on our website. When you purchase heating oil online, you lock in that price, even if it rises before your delivery is fulfilled. Best of all, we only charge you for the fuel you need. If you prepay for half a tank but only require a third, we’ll refund the difference to your credit card.
  • Convenient online ordering – One visit to our website is all it takes to schedule a heating oil delivery in Delaware. Paperless billing and reduced admin costs help keep our overhead low, so we can pass the savings on to you.
  • Fast, professional service – With one of the largest delivery networks in the region, we can typically fulfill any order within three days or less. Running low and need a top-up sooner? Rush service is available for a small additional fee. Better yet, sign up for our Automatic Delivery program so you never have to worry about scheduling a delivery again.

In select areas, our technicians are qualified to perform maintenance and repairs to your burner, tank and HVAC appliances. Save time and money by scheduling service during your next fuel delivery — check out our website for availability and pricing.

Our Fuel Oil Delivery Service Options

Whether you want the freedom of contract-free service, or you would prefer to have our team automatically manage your fuel needs, Smart Touch Energy has the program for you. When you buy on-demand through our website, there’s no contract or commitment necessary to get a great price on heating oil delivery in Delaware. Simply sign up for your free account and place your order today.

Alternately, our Automatic Delivery program takes the guesswork out of buying heating oil fuel. Once we know a little about your home and your typical heating needs, we use sophisticated software to estimate with accuracy when you’re due for a refill. We can then schedule service well in advance, so you’ll always have the oil you need on hand. As a preferred customer, you’ll also get exclusive access to our lowest rates.

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Convenient service options and some of the best oil prices in Dover, Wilmington, and all over DE are just two of the reasons to trust our team with all your home heating needs. Sign up or place an order today, or contact our team for assistance.