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Hampton Heating Oil

Hampton Beach is a premier New England vacation destination in the summer. And yet, the fact that winters here bring more than 50 inches of snow and record low temperatures of -20° F or lower certainly comes as no surprise to year-round Hampton residents. The good news is that, with more than 85 years of service and savings to our customers, Smart Touch Energy can provide you with Hampton heating oil delivery service that’s convenient, economical and secure. What’s more, there are no binding contracts or commitments to lock you into a deal you don’t want.

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How Are Hampton Heating Oil Prices Determined?

Every winter, as temperatures drop and your consumption of fuel oil goes up, do you notice how Hampton fuel oil prices rise as well? Well, fortunately, there’s a better way to buy Hampton fuel oil. At Smart Touch Energy, we’ve developed a proven way to bypass many of the factors that cause price fluctuations — and pass the savings on to you:

  • Supply and demand: You know the scenario. Winter arrives and there go your hopes for stable fuel oil prices. With Smart Touch Energy, you can enjoy stability and savings all year long. That’s because we purchase home heating oil during the summer when prices are at their lowest and pass those savings on to you. Now, instead of having to deal with other suppliers’ predictable price hikes, you have a choice. Smart Touch Energy delivers more than oil. We deliver the peace of mind that comes from knowing you’ll never pay more than you have to.
  • Overhead costs: While certain operating costs are required, at Smart Touch Energy, we offer secure online ordering and payment methods to help reduce unnecessary overhead costs. So, in addition to eliminating paper waste, we’re able to reduce staffing to only the positions that are necessary to deliver excellent customer service. And what we save in overhead costs gets passed on to you in the form of lower heating oil prices.

Why Choosing Smart Touch Energy for Your Hampton Heating Oil Makes Sense

Whether they live next to the Atlantic Ocean or close to the town of Exeter, families in Hampton are choosing Smart Touch Energy. Here’s why

  • Convenient ordering: With our website that always lets you check real-time heating oil prices before you place an order, we’re ready to take your order whenever you’re ready to place it. Say goodbye to long phone calls and being put on hold during the winter. Now all you need is internet access.
  • Prompt service: With our carefully pre-screened local fuel suppliers, you get service that’s fast, courteous and always reliable. We’re dedicated to your satisfaction.
  • Year-round savings: Stop paying price hikes for home fuel oil! With our transparent, economical heating oil prices, you maximize your savings. And if you’re happy with our prices and service, you should check out our referral program for even more savings!

Hampton Fuel Oil Delivery Options

Smart Touch Energy offers a delivery option to match every lifestyle. See what’s right for you:

  • Automatic: Loyalty should come with savings, and with Smart Touch Energy’s automatic delivery option, it does. We track and deliver heating fuel when you need it. Then we reward your loyalty with a $0.03 discount off every gallon. That’s on top of our everyday low prices!
  • One-time: Enjoy all the convenience of our online platform — plus our everyday low prices in a one-time delivery option.
  • Emergency: Running out and need oil quickly? In 24 hours or less, our emergency oil delivery service will have your home refueled. And if you need it, we can supply priming and restarting service to your heating system.

Ready to save? Want more information? Simply contact us today for prompt answers to all your home heating oil questions.