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Mount Vernon Heating Oil

With temperatures that can frequently dip into the single digits in the winter, Mount Vernon is a fast-growing community that requires an increasing amount of energy to stay warm. Smart Touch Energy brings considerable resources and 85 years of experience to the table, as well as a range of different services. Check competitive prices in real time with our online interface, or complete other tasks like paying bills or selecting delivery options.

We offer an abundance of convenience with no commitment, so you can worry about what matters when you rely on us.

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Why Choose Smart Touch Energy for Mount Vernon Fuel Oil?

People throughout Westchester County choose our services for many reasons, including:

  • Secure ordering: We take pride in having an easy-to-use website that allows you to complete all of your services in one place. You can submit your order, track it and pay your bills, among other things. No phone calls will be necessary.
  • Reliable service: What ensures that your heating oil reaches your tank like it's supposed to? We vet all of the local, independent fuel dealers we partner with to ensure they adhere to our high standard of customer service.
  • No contract: Energy suppliers are finicky, and they can put you in a precarious position when they ask for your unquestioned commitment to their services. That will never be the case with us, as we're confident that the strength of our services will be enough to bring you back.
  • Paper-free services: About 83 percent of customers say they prefer to purchase their heating oil online. We've listened to those concerns and responded with a system that's 100 percent free of paper waste. Not only is it designed to be more accessible, but it also eliminates some administrative costs, which makes the services more affordable overall.

Multiple Mount Vernon Fuel Oil Delivery Options

Whether you like to micromanage or procrastinate, we don't pass any judgments at Smart Touch Energy. Instead, you can choose from a diverse set of delivery options to suit your needs. The following are the three choices we'll make available to you:

  • Automatic delivery: Sometimes, you need to trust other people to help out with your day-to-day responsibilities. We can monitor your oil usage and schedule refills as necessary, so you'll never have to worry about running out of warmth during the latest cold snap. We appreciate the level of trust it takes to let a business handle these tasks, so we reward our customers with $0.03 off every gallon.
  • One-time delivery: There are plenty of local options throughout Westchester County that you need to consider during your energy hunt, and you might not be willing to hitch your wagon to just one. We're okay with that, so we offer one-time deliveries at our standard pricing. Even with this option, our prices remain competitive.
  • Emergency delivery: If your oil is running low and you need more as soon as possible, we can accommodate your needs with our emergency deliveries. Most times, we can refill your tank in less than 24 hours.

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Use our website to complete a comprehensive price check — you can enter your zip code to find out more. We look forward to working with you and keeping you warm!