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Gettysburg Heating Oil

By choosing Smart Touch Energy, you’re also choosing easy online ordering, loyalty rewards and online price checking. Essentially, convenience without contracts or commitments. This is why many Gettysburg residents turn to us for their fuel oil. With Smart Touch Energy, you can easily check real-time heating oil prices online and order from anywhere. In addition, get fast delivery from a reliable local company.

Check Live Pricing For Gettysburg

Gettysburg is one of the most beautiful areas in Pennsylvania, and the historical landmarks are endless. The temperatures of winter, however, are not to be taken lightly. When you’re looking for a Gettysburg heating oil delivery, there’s no easier way to find out prices and place an order than to check the Smart Touch Energy site. Customers in and around the area are choosing us as their heating oil professionals because of our free, easy online price checks and ordering, loyalty rewards, quick delivery and reliable service.

Why Choose Smart Touch Energy for Your Gettysburg Fuel Delivery?

The first thing people notice about Smart Touch Energy is how easy it is to find information and place an order. No matter what device you’re on or location you’re in, if you have access to the internet, you can find our prices and make a purchase. You can’t wait around for your house to warm up during a frigid PA winter — that’s why we make every effort to get your fuel to you as fast as possible, in under three business days for regular delivery and under 24 hours in most emergency situations.

You want your heating oil to come from a reliable, local source so you can know your home is going to be comfortably warm and safe all winter long. We’re a part of Shipley Energy, one of PA’s most trusted fuel suppliers, which means you’ll be getting quality oil from a reputable local dealer at everyday prices. We cut the cost of increased seasonal demands and overhead activity to save you money. We also offer several maintenance and delivery options to suit every lifestyle and preference.

Delivery Options for Every Lifestyle

The one thing we know for sure is that you can’t get away without the proper home heating during the icy winter months in Gettysburg — that’s true for everyone in the area. What changes from person to person, however, is how they’d like their heating oil delivery to work. We guarantee no matter what choice you make, we’ll provide quality customer service and competitive prices. The available options are:

  • Automatic Delivery: This convenient, more economical option is the most popular among our loyal customers. You’ll enjoy the convenience of automatic heating oil refills throughout the winter without ever having to worry about placing additional orders. When you sign up, we collect the information we need to accurately estimate the next date you’ll need another fill, and we’ll let you know in advance before we show up to complete the service. As a loyalty reward for your continued purchase, you’ll get $0.03 off each gallon.
  • One-Time Delivery: This option gives you more control over your heating oil purchases. While we don’t offer a loyalty discount for one-time deliveries, you can still take advantage of our competitive prices and the simplicity of online ordering. We don’t tie you into a contract or force you to buy more than once. We’re confident that once you take advantage of the benefits we offer, you’ll choose Smart Touch Energy every time.
  • Emergency Delivery: We all do our best to keep track of our home and everything it takes to keep it running smoothly. Sometimes in the rush of winter, however, it can be easy to forget about oil levels. If you suddenly run out of fuel, we’ll expedite delivery no matter when you call, usually reaching you within 24 hours to make sure your home gets warm again fast. You can count on us to take care of prime and restart procedures in this situation, cleaning air from your fuel lines and keeping your home heating safe.

When you choose Smart Touch Energy, you’ll receive heating oil that costs about $0.40 less than the national average, according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA). Enter your zip code now to check our online prices and get reliable heating oil delivered quickly to your Gettysburg home.