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Hanover Heating Oil

At Smart Touch Energy, we believe fuel oil should be affordable and convenient for Hanover residents. If checking live prices and ordering heating oil online sounds convenient, join many others in the area who benefit. Most of all, save time and money while receiving quick deliveries from trusted local dealers! No Contracts. No Commitments. Just Convenience.

Check Live Pricing For Hanover

With all the attractions in Hanover, PA, you want to be able to focus your attention on exploring and enjoying the town — not whether you can keep your home heated throughout the winter. When you partner with Smart Touch Energy, you’ll be able to check prices, place delivery orders and review your invoices completely online. You’ll also enjoy quality customer service, experienced professionals, competitive prices and a variety of delivery options.

Our Delivery Options for Hanover, PA and the Surrounding Area

The delivery services we offer actually affect the cost of your heating oil in big ways. The options we provide are:

  • Automatic Refill: This is our most popular option, largely because of the $0.03 off every gallon we offer as a reward with only this delivery choice. Applied to already-competitive prices, the discount means huge savings. You just order once, provide some information and allow us to monitor your tank and determine when you’ll need another refill. We’ll call in advance to schedule the next delivery at the most convenient time for you.
  • One-Time Fill: You might prefer the control of ordering for yourself every time, and that’s okay. We don’t try to loop you into a contract or commitment, because we’re confident you’ll come back to us after experiencing our perks. We can provide one-time heating oil refills any time you want, with quick deliveries that reach you within three business days.
  • Emergency Delivery: If your tank runs lower than expected, give us a call. We’ll bring your heating oil in under 24 hours whenever possible.
  • Maintenance: If it’s your first HVAC use of the season, or your tank reached empty because you forgot to get a refill in time, we can complete prime and restart services. We also offer yearly inspections, since most manufacturers recommend it to keep the equipment running at its best and safest.

Other Effects on Heating Oil Prices in Hanover

Delivery services aren’t the only thing that affect fuel oil prices. Several other factors can show up on your invoice if you don’t order from the right company. At Smart Touch Energy, we work to reduce these factors, which has led to a successful decrease in prices for all of our customers. The average rates listed by the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) compared to our rates show that our per-unit price is $0.40 lower than the national average because of our efforts to reduce:

  • Overhead Fees: The costs associated with wasteful paper bills and documents can add a lot to your overall invoice. At Smart Touch Energy, we’ve streamlined our operations to cut our administrations costs — absolutely every part of the process happens online, because paperless billing creates less waste and fewer fees. About 83% of internet users said they would prefer to buy heating oil online, so we’ve moved to accommodate our customers with our 100% online process.
  • High Demand Costs: When demand for a commodity like heating oil goes up, so does the cost. Small energy providers often don’t have the resources to buy in bulk during the summer months when fuel oil is at its lowest cost. Because of our membership with Shipley Energy, one of the most trusted heating oil providers in PA, we do. You can expect our savings to transfer directly to you when you place an order.

If you want to take advantage of our great benefits and affordable prices this winter season, the next step is only a click away. Enter your zip code now to check our prices in and around the Hanover area, place your order, review your invoice and wait for your fast, convenient delivery.