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Emergency Heating Oil Delivery and Service

Even the most conscientious homeowner can find themselves suddenly without heating oil. Whether it's unseasonably cold temperatures that have increased your fuel consumption, simple forgetfulness or any other reason, getting your home warm again is a key concern whatever the cause of an outage.

At Smart Touch Energy, we're committed to going the extra mile for our customers. When you need emergency heating oil delivery, we'll get your order to you faster thanks to our network of partners working throughout the Northeast.

When to Order More Fuel

Most heating professionals recommend not letting your fuel tank drop below 1/4 full. This reduces the risk of suddenly running out and protects you should it take your heating oil company longer than usual to deliver your order. A full tank can also be useful in preventing the sludge buildup that can cause damage to your fuel lines.

Remember, it can be difficult to properly estimate your heating oil use during the initial cold months of the year. Be sure to check your fuel gauge regularly so you know exactly where you stand at all times. Don't hesitate to call for a delivery early — at Smart Touch Energy, you only pay for the fuel you need. If you place an order and prepay for half a tank, but only need a third, your credit card will be automatically refunded the difference.

Placing an Emergency Order

To request emergency heating oil delivery, place an order as you normally would, selecting the "Emergency Service" option. One of our team members will be in touch with you shortly to arrange a delivery, typically within 24 hours or less. You can also contact a Smart Touch Energy representative directly for assistance.

If your fuel tank is below 1/4 full, but your home is still receiving heat reliably, we recommend requesting emergency service anyway. This will avoid the added inconvenience of having to restart your system should you run out.

Prime and Restart Service

If you do find yourself without fuel, firing up your burner again without properly priming it can cause damage to your system. When air is trapped in fuel lines, it can stop fuel from getting to the burner, causing it to shut down. To prevent this from happening, request heating oil restart service from Smart Touch Energy. Our technicians will fill your tank and properly prime it so you can get up and running again safely.

Avoid Emergencies With the Automatic Delivery Program

With Smart Touch Energy's Automatic Delivery program, you never have to worry about needing an emergency heating oil delivery again. When you sign up for the program, we'll monitor your fuel use over the course of the year and contact you directly when we calculate you are due for a fill-up. Not only is it easy and hassle-free, but you'll also benefit from a lower rate per gallon of fuel.

For more information about the Automatic Delivery program or our prime and restart services, or to request emergency home heating oil delivery, sign up for an account or contact a Smart Touch Energy representative today. Enter your zip code on the form on this page to get started!

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