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Avon Heating Oil

Avon residents are well aware of the fact that the Farmington Valley area can see frigid temperatures and plenty of snow throughout the winter. But what you might not know is that with Smart Touch Energy, you can enjoy a more economical and convenient way of ordering Avon Fuel oil. With our online ordering, excellent customer service, current price checking and a loyalty rewards program, Avon heating oil delivery just got a whole lot simpler. You never have to worry about a contract or commitment again!

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What Determines Avon Fuel Oil Prices?

Do you ever wish there was something you could do about the price hikes you’ve most likely experienced on Avon heating oil prices every winter? Well, now there’s a better way of buying fuel oil. Smart Touch Energy has more than 85 years of experience in delivering exceptional service and prices to its loyal customers. We’ve found an even more efficient way of saving you both time and money. Our services let you:

  • Avoid the Price Hikes: It’s winter. The thermostat goes up, and so too does the price of heating oil. But it doesn’t have to! While other companies increase their fuel oil prices based on supply and demand, Smart Touch Energy takes a different approach. We invert the supply and demand model by purchasing heating oil in bulk during the summer months when prices are lowest. Then, after putting our resources to work for you, we sell that heating oil at summertime prices all year long. We not only deliver oil — but we also give you stability and savings!
  • Experience Greater Savings: There are certainly costs associated with delivering excellent customer service. Though, if you know where to look, other expenses are not essential. For example, take our business model of processing orders and payments online. This allows us to not only reduce paper waste but also to eliminate more than a few administrative fees. By staffing only those roles that are essential, we decrease our operating costs and pass the savings on to you.

Why Choose Smart Touch Energy as Your Avon Heating Oil Supplier?

From the Farmington River to Talcott Mountain, more and more residents of Avon are finding out how Smart Touch Energy can save them time and money. Here’s why:

  • Online Ordering: You can check real-time heating oil prices, place your order and make a payment all online. No need to make a phone call or wait while you’re put on hold. You get to sit back and track your order from wherever you have Internet access — it’s that convenient!
  • Efficient Service: We thoroughly vet all our local fuel suppliers, so you get quick, efficient and courteous service. Your satisfaction is our priority!
  • Economical Prices: Fewer admin fees and lower oil prices mean you enjoy savings on every order you place. If our great service and low prices encourage you to tell a friend, our referral program will save you even more!

Avon Fuel Oil Delivery Options

Smart Touch Energy always offers you choice with several delivery options. See which service matches your lifestyle:

  • Automatic Delivery: Loyalty comes with rewards! Our automated service means you don’t have to worry about fuel levels again. We monitor and deliver heating oil when you need it, and we reward your loyalty with a $0.03 discount off each gallon — in addition to our already low prices!
  • One-Time Delivery: You get all the convenience of online ordering — plus our every day low prices — in a one-time delivery service.
  • Emergency Delivery: Running out? Not a problem. Our emergency service will deliver in 24 hours or less. If you need it, we'll also offer priming and restarting services for your heating system.

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