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Grafton, MA, Heating Oil Delivery

Smart Touch Energy is proud to be a partner to homeowners in Grafton, MA, and throughout Worcester County. If you rely on heating oil to heat your home during the winter, we can provide delivery and service at an affordable price. Our team can arrange delivery to your home in three days or less and provide value-added HVAC maintenance services.

The best part? With Smart Touch Energy, you're never tied down with contracts or long-term commitments. Feel free to compare us to other Grafton, MA, heating oil suppliers. Check our pricing online — we're convinced you'll see the benefit in working with us.

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Why Smart Touch Energy?

Smart Touch Energy has a more than 85-year history of delivering on its promises to homeowners. When you make us your choice for heating oil delivery in Grafton, we'll provide world-class service, attention to detail and respect for your property. You'll benefit from our:

  • Convenient Online Ordering System: We make scheduling service as easy as checking your email. Create an account to view current pricing, request delivery and even pay in advance. If prices change before we fulfill your order or you end up needing less than you paid for, we'll refund the difference automatically.
  • Fast Delivery to Your Home: Our standard delivery time to Grafton is three days or less. We also offer emergency service for a small additional fee.
  • Reliability: When winter weather makes it difficult for other heating oil companies to fulfill their promises, Smart Touch Energy delivers. Our extensive fleet and network of partners ensures we can always get you the fuel you need to stay warm.
  • Low Pricing: Most importantly, Smart Touch Energy delivers where it counts — your wallet. It's our longstanding commitment to value that has made us the first choice in home heating oil delivery for so many Grafton homes.

Delivery Options

Smart Touch Energy offers you more ways to get the fuel you need. If you prefer total control over where you buy heating oil and who it's from, our one-time delivery option is your best bet. With it, you're free to check our prices and schedule service whenever you want. There's no obligation or long-term commitment, and you'll still benefit from our online ordering system and fast, trustworthy service.

Of course, not everyone is as passionate about heating oil as we are. For the large percentage of homeowners who would rather not have to think about it at all, we offer an Automatic Delivery program that ensures you always have enough fuel on hand. We'll estimate your needs using sophisticated software and schedule top-ups accordingly — well before you're in risk of running out. Sign up today, and you can leave anytime without penalty — for as long as you're a customer, you'll enjoy our lowest rates, with an additional $0.03/gallon off our regular pricing.

Want to learn more? Signing up for service takes just minutes. Create an account to see our prices, enroll in our Automatic Delivery program or place a one-time order for delivery to your home.