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New York Home Heating Oil Prices

Easy online price checking and ordering. Convenience. Referral Program. If these sound appealing to you, join the many NY residents that trust Smart Touch Energy to provide their heating oil. Start saving time and money today. Enjoy fast online price checking and ordering and reliable delivery from local dealers! No Contracts. No Commitments. 

Check Live Pricing in New York

Smart Touch Energy has the New York City, Long Island, and Hudson Valley areas of New York State covered with low heating oil prices and reliable service for every home. Whether you're upstate or in the city, Smart Touch Energy makes heating oil delivery available at your fingertips. We make sure our website and app always remain up-to-date with current NY heating oil prices and contains everything you need to pay bills, make a delivery request and manage your account information.

When the temperatures dip below freezing, you need a heating oil delivery company you can rely on for fair pricing and excellent service. That’s why Smart Touch Energy is NY’s standard for fuel delivery!

We Go Further for New York Residents

Heating oil delivery is about more than just filling your tank — it's about giving you everything you need to keep your home warm and comfortable throughout a long winter. Here are a few of the ways Smart Touch Energy does more for its customers:

  • Online ordering and payment – With Smart Touch Energy, there's no waiting on hold, no need to take time out of your day to phone your fuel supplier, and no confusion about your delivery. If you're like most New Yorkers, you already go online to pay your bills. Why should heating oil be any different? Ordering online lets you know exactly what you're being charged for and why. There are no hidden fees and, if you pre-pay for more fuel than you end up needing, we'll automatically refund your credit card the difference.
  • Convenient delivery options – Once you place your order, one of our local partners will be in touch to arrange a delivery time that's right for you. Typically, we can have your order delivered in three days or less. We’ll attempt to make any accommodations necessary to fit your busy schedule. In danger of running out of fuel? Emergency service is also available.
  • Prime and restart service – Properly restarting your burner at the start of the season or after running out of fuel is essential to preventing damage. Our team can provide priming and restarting services when delivering heating oil. We'll make sure your fuel lines are free of air so your system can get up and running again safely.
  • HVAC inspections – Why have a separate contractor come to provide preventative maintenance on your HVAC system when Smart Touch Energy can do it for you? For a small additional fee, add a comprehensive inspection and tune-up to your furnace and air conditioner to any fuel delivery. Our team is trained to provide excellent service on all makes and models of home HVAC equipment.

NY Fuel Oil Delivery Services

Smart Touch Energy offers its customers several ways to take advantage of our low heating oil prices in New York. Choose from one of two delivery options:

  • Delivery on demand – Get freedom from contracts and the flexibility to order fuel whenever you need it with our one time delivery service. Whether or not you've purchased from us before, all it takes is a few minutes to place an order online. Set up your account and get started today.
  • Automatic Delivery Service – Designed for maximum convenience, our Automatic Delivery program ensures you never have to worry about running out of heating oil. Using a proprietary method of calculating your fuel needs, we'll determine in advance when you're due for a refill and contact you to schedule service accordingly.

With either program, you only pay for the oil you need. On a per-unit basis, we are consistently up to $0.40 lower than rates posted by the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA). That translates to ongoing savings throughout the year. In New York, our low heating oil prices have saved customers as much as $200 annually!

Our Heating Oil Service Area

Smart Touch Energy offers heating oil delivery to buildings in all five boroughs of New York, as well as Long Island, Westchester County, and elsewhere Upstate. No matter where you are, you can benefit from our excellent heating oil prices and reliable, professional service. Have a question or need more information before placing your order? Check out our FAQs page, read our blog or contact a representative by phone or email. We look forward to being your exclusive heating oil provider in the Empire State!

As a Shipley Energy Company, We Have the Resources Other Suppliers Don't

As an arm of a large fuel delivery network, we can offer reliable service and consistent pricing throughout NYC, Long Island and the Hudson Valley. We're confident we offer the best fuel oil prices in New York, and we strive for total transparency when it comes to our customers and our heating oil pricing. To view the most current pricing in your area, simple enter your zip code. It's that simple!

Shop Smart With Smart Touch Energy

Even with some of the lowest heating oil prices in New York, the cost of filling your tank can fluctuate according to consumer demand and when international events affect the price of crude oil. By being a proactive consumer and purchasing when prices are low, you can save even more on our everyday low prices.

Best of all, when you buy online from Smart Touch Energy, you lock in your price. Even if prices jump before your delivery date, your bill won't change. For more information about pricing, contact a team member today.