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Lexington, MA, Heating Oil Delivery

A partner to homeowners throughout Middlesex County, Smart Touch Energy is proud to provide heating oil delivery services for Lexington, MA, and beyond. Leveraging a more than 85-year history in the industry — and an ongoing commitment to innovation in everything we do — we make it easy to keep your home warm all winter long.

Sign up for a free online account to check current heating oil prices in Lexington. There’s no cost or obligation to get started — all our service plans are contract- and commitment-free.

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Why Smart Touch Energy?

Here are a few reasons why Smart Touch Energy is your best choice for heating oil delivery in Lexington:

  • Online Ordering: If you’ve ever had to wait on hold, leave a message or otherwise struggle to get in contact with your heating oil supplier, you know how beneficial online ordering is. With Smart Touch Energy, scheduling service is as easy as checking your email — log on, see current rates, book a delivery and arrange value-added maintenance services, all from a single portal.
  • Fast Delivery: In the middle of winter, you can't risk running out of heating oil. Smart Touch Energy will get any delivery to you in three days or less. With a large fleet and a network of on-the-ground partners, we have the infrastructure to fulfill our promises any time you need us. 24-hour rush service is available, too.
  • Industry Expertise: Heating your home should be simple. When you work with Smart Touch Energy, we’ll go out of our way to deliver excellent service every time. That means arriving on time, respecting your property while we work and helping you make informed decisions about your heating service.
  • Fair Pricing: The price of heating oil in Lexington varies according to a variety of factors, including infrastructure costs and seasonal demand. Smart Touch Energy’s bulk buying power helps us manage these expenses better and deliver a lower rate per gallon. We also offer convenient pricing plans that can potentially save you even more.

Delivery Options

We offer three ways to get heating oil delivered to your home — all of which are 100% commitment-free:

  • One-Time Delivery: Want complete control over how and when you order heating oil? Sign up for an account and make a purchase at any time. One-time delivery is perfect for anyone who pays close attention to oil prices and wants to capitalize when rates are at their lowest.
  • Automatic Delivery Service: If you’d rather we did the work for you, sign up for Automatic Delivery service from Smart Touch Energy. We’ll monitor your fuel use and anticipate when you’re about to run low so we can schedule a top-up accordingly.
  • Emergency Service: Don’t risk running out of heating oil. If you find yourself lower than anticipated, we offer 24-hour emergency service for a small additional fee.

Though you’re free to switch providers at any time, Automatic Delivery customers receive a loyalty discount of $0.03/gallon off our standard rates. To get started, create an account to check our pricing and sign up for service today.