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Winter is a time when you should feel comfortable in your own home. If you rely on propane to keep it warm, you need a reliable source for propane delivery that won't break the bank. At Smart Touch Energy, we proudly serve Connecticut homeowners with the propane they need at a price they'll love. We also offer convenient features and online access to everything propane, so you can manage everything from the comfort of your warm home.

Are you ready for affordable Connecticut propane delivery you can count on? There’s no contract and no commitment when you work with Smart Touch Energy.

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What Affects Propane Prices in Connecticut?

If you've ever bought propane before, you probably know that the propane prices in Connecticut can fluctuate widely and make managing your utilities more unpredictable than it needs to be. So what drives Connecticut propane price changes? And is there a way to minimize that variation?

Changes in price points are typically driven by two factors:

  • Demand: Like other commodities, when propane is in high demand, its price goes up. At Smart Touch Energy, we secure large amounts of propane year-round, especially during summer when the costs are low, so we can give you the best prices when you need them most. Many smaller companies don't have the resources to take this approach. We do, and we're able to pass the savings on for you.
  • Provider: The price you secure also depends on your choice of provider. Different energy providers offer different pricing. At Smart Touch Energy, we are conscientious about keeping our overhead low so that we always pass the savings along to our customers. We take care to minimize waste and operate efficiently, such as through online ordering and paperless billing options.

Through these kinds of methods and practices, we're better able to provide affordable everyday prices to our customers.

The Benefits of Ordering Through Smart Touch Energy

Smart Touch Energy supplies users with a range of benefits that make it easy and affordable to order a propane tank refill in Connecticut. We offer the following:

  • Simple ordering:Up-to-date pricing is at your fingertips when you choose Smart Touch Energy. We offer live local prices online, and you can place orders from the comfort of home or from anywhere else you can access the internet.
  • Fast delivery: We know that your propane order in Connecticut represents an urgent need, and we provide fast delivery to meet those needs as quickly as possible.
  • Industry-leading service: We use a network of well-known and trusted local dealers to ensure you get the best and most reliable service possible.
  • Cash savings:We implement various cost-saving operational practices so you get the best possible propane prices in Connecticut.

Customers throughout Connecticut trust Smart Touch Energy to deliver fast service and affordable propane prices. We can often get propane to you in three days or less. 

Discover Your Connecticut Propane Delivery Options

Whether you like to stay on top of things and order ahead of time or suddenly find yourself in need of a refill, we have options for you. At Smart Touch Energy, we can provide:

  • One-time delivery: We offer everyday low prices to Connecticut propane customers who need a one-time delivery to keep their tanks full and operational.
  • Emergency delivery: Propane can run out unexpectedly — and in the dead of winter, it's essential that you can continue heating your home. We offer emergency delivery services at an additional charge and can usually get propane to you within 24 hours.

Why Choose Smart Touch Energy?

Get the best service, the best prices, and reliable delivery when you choose Smart Touch Energy. We have more than 85 years of experience in heating oil and propane delivery, and we serve customers in Connecticut, Maine, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, and Maryland.

When you need the best, get the best by choosing Smart Touch Energy. Check our current Connecticut propane prices and place an order online today.