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Norwalk Heating Oil

With Norwalk experiencing average low temperatures in the 30s or below for six months out of the year, its residents are understandably concerned about Norwalk heating oil prices. That’s why Smart Touch Energy is offering Norwalk heating oil delivery differently. We’re confident we can save you both time and money.

Check Live Pricing in Norwalk

With our online platform, you can check current prices, place orders and be rewarded for your loyalty — all while receiving outstanding customer service. And if contracts and commitments aren’t your style, don’t worry, because we don’t require them!

What Affects Norwalk Fuel Oil Prices?

With Smart Touch Energy delivering your Norwalk fuel oil, you can avoid many factors that would otherwise drive up the cost of heating your home. If you’re tired of being hit with price hikes just as cold weather arrives and you reach for the thermostat, discover a better way of purchasing your home heating oil with Smart Touch Energy. We help you:

  • Avoid the Supply and Demand Trap: With other heating oil companies, winter is a time to increase their prices based upon what their competition will allow. As demand increases and supplies shrink, you wind up paying more for heating oil when you need it most. Enter Smart Touch Energy's customer-centered approach. With more than 85 years in the business, we use our vast resources to buy heating oil in the summer when prices are lowest. By turning the supply and demand model on its head, we’re able to sell heating oil at summertime prices all year long. That means that along with getting quality oil, you enjoy stability and savings!
  • Take Advantage of Lower Admin Fees: For a business that prides itself on outstanding customer service, certain costs are unavoidable. However, with increased efficiency, you can trim some other expenses. For example, our online platform allows us to eliminate paper waste and many non-essential administrative fees. By staffing only essential roles, we lower our operating costs, then share the savings with you.

Why Choose Smart Touch Energy as Your Norwalk Heating Oil Supplier?

Families throughout Norwalk — from Cranbury to Rowayton — are discovering Smart Touch Energy’s many benefits:

  • Convenience: Checking heating oil prices, place and pay for your order all online. No phone calls, and no waiting around on hold. Track your order from wherever you access the Internet. That’s convenience!
  • Service: Pre-screened local fuel suppliers deliver quick, courteous and dependable service. Your satisfaction is always our priority.
  • Pricing: Fewer costs and better oil pricing mean you save on every order. Ready to tell a friend about us? Check out our referral program for even more savings!

Norwalk Fuel Oil Delivery Options

Life isn’t one-size-fits-all, and neither are our delivery options. See which service best matches your lifestyle:

  • Automatic Delivery: Our automatic option tracks and delivers heating oil when you need it. Plus, we reward you with an additional $0.03 discount off each gallon — on top of our already low prices!
  • One-Time Delivery: Convenient online ordering. Everyday low prices. Our one-time delivery service option has no strings attached.
  • Emergency Delivery: Running low? Don’t worry! Our emergency service delivers in 24 hours or less. We can also prime and restart your heating system if you need it.

Why go back to paying more? Contact us now for answers to all your home fuel oil questions, and start saving today!