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Mechanicsburg Heating Oil

At Smart Touch Energy, we believe heating oil should be affordable and convenient for the residents of Mechanicsburg. You’ll experience convenience while checking live prices and ordering fuel oil online with our online ordering system. Start saving time and money today while enjoying fast delivery from local providers! No Contracts. No Commitments. No Worries.

Check Live Pricing For Mechanicsburg

Mechanicsburg, PA, is a beautiful place to be throughout any season of the year, with its historical locations and stunning scenery. Just like any place in central PA, however, the winters make the area reach extremely low temperatures. That’s why it’s crucial to find affordable heating oil for your home throughout the winter months. With Smart Touch Energy, you can check our prices and place orders completely online without ever dealing with phone calls or hassles — you’ll even be able to order fuel easily without a single contract.

How Does Smart Touch Energy Save You Money?

We’ve come up with ways to sidestep a few common issues that typically make oil prices skyrocket:

  • Seasonal Demands: Heating oil is a commodity. When demand increases, so does the price. Most energy providers, especially small ones, have to raise their prices in order to keep up with that demand. At Smart Touch Energy, our membership with the highly respected and trusted Shipley Energy gives us the resources to purchase heating oil when it’s at its lowest cost and provide you savings during the high-demand cold seasons.
  • Management Costs: Most energy bills come with attached operating and delivery costs. By using a smarter, newer approach to the entire process, we’ve reduced waste and streamlined operations, saving you money on the bottom line. About 83% of internet users prefer to handle their heating oil transactions online. With Smart Touch Energy, you can check our prices on the web, place any type of order and receive your invoice just by checking your email — an entirely paperless, more economical solution.

We’ve worked hard to lower heating oil prices in Mechanicsburg, PA, and the results are clear. According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA), our prices are $0.40 less per-unit than the national average.

Delivery Options for Everyone

We want to make sure buying heating oil is easy and affordable for any resident of Mechanicsburg and the surrounding area, no matter their preferences. We offer delivery services for every situation:

  • Automatic Renewal : This popular option is a customer favorite, probably because of the cost-reducing loyalty reward we offer in the form of $0.03 off every gallon for your continued purchases. You can order automatic refill once, answer a few questions about your use and our smart algorithms will allow us to determine each time your oil tank is close to needing a refill. We’ll give you notice, schedule a refill and handle the rest for you.
  • Single One Time Heating Oil Delivery Service: For our customers who prefer more control in the ordering process, we offer one-time delivery. You can enjoy our top-notch customer service, reasonable prices and simple ordering process without ever needing to deal with contracts of any sort. You’ll also get your delivery fast — within three business days. It may not come with our loyalty rewards, but you’ll have the freedom you crave without any commitments. We’re confident you’ll come back to us for your next refill voluntarily.
  • Emergency Heating Oil Delivery: If your tank runs lower than you were expecting, you can order a rush delivery. In most cases, we’ll have the oil to your home within 24 hours.

We also perform maintenance on your system anytime you need it. If you’re about to turn your oil heating on for the first time, or the tank reached empty because you didn’t realize how low it had gotten, prime and restart services are crucial to make sure the system is safe. We also complete yearly inspections to make sure your equipment stays in the best condition possible.

No more waiting on hold on the phone. No more stress about your heating oil. No more cold winters. To find out Mechanicsburg area fuel oil prices and take advantage of the many Smart Touch Energy benefits, enter your zip code now and create an account!