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Sanford Heating Oil

Located in southernmost Maine's York County, Sanford sees low temperatures dip to freezing or below from November through March. That's why residents here will be pleased to learn there's a better way to purchase their Sanford fuel oil. At Smart Touch Energy, we're happy to announce our convenient online platform that allows quick and easy price checking, ordering and payment. Plus, there are no lengthy contracts or complicated agreements involved.

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How We Offer Lower Sanford Heating Oil Prices

At Smart Touch Energy, we're well aware that more than 70% of Maine's homes depend on heating oil. We also understand that most households want an affordable way to balance their energy bills. With that in mind, we use our more than 85 years in the business to offer a better way to heat your home:

  • An alternative to high winter prices: You probably notice seasonal price hikes of your fuel oil every winter. At Smart Touch Energy, we offer you another option besides the usual supply and demand trap. Over the summer months, oil prices are the lowest, so we buy heating oil in bulk. With a stable supply, we can sell it to you at economical prices.
  • Reduced admin fees: Efficiency is one of our benchmarks as a successful business. So when we implemented an online ordering platform that allowed us to eliminate non-essential administrative costs and paper expenses, we immediately shared those savings with our customers in the form of lower Sanford fuel oil prices.

Why Smart Touch Energy Is the Preferred Choice for Sanford Heating Oil Delivery Service

Households on both sides of the Mousam River from Springvale to South Sanford choose Smart Touch Energy as their preferred Sanford heating oil delivery service. Here are some ways you can benefit as well:

  • 24/7 convenience: Our easy-to-use website and mobile app allow you to check heating oil prices, make an order and submit your payment from the device of your choice.
  • Trustworthy service: Each delivery is carried out by a local, pre-screened supplier that's noted for fast, courteous service.
  • Cost-effective pricing: With stable prices and reduced admin fees, you can save on every order. And if you refer us to your friends, you can save more with our referral program.

Always Free to Choose: Sanford Fuel Oil Delivery Options

No two households are exactly the same, so we offer various delivery options to choose from. Check out the best match for your Sanford heating oil needs:

  • Automatic option: Tired of monitoring your fuel oil levels? Our automatic service will do it for you and deliver oil when you require it. Plus, to reward your loyalty, we'll give you an additional $0.03 off each gallon on top of our every day low prices.
  • One-time option: Stay in control of your deliveries while still enjoying the convenience of online ordering and access to our every day low prices. One-time delivery offers you freedom and savings with no obligations.
  • Emergency option: Tank on empty? Don't let your house go cold. Our emergency service can deliver in 24 hours or less. Then, if your system needs priming and restarting, we can help there, too.

Questions? For more information, contact us today for great service and savings.