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Harrisburg Heating Oil

With Smart Touch Energy, you can find heating oil prices for Harrisburg, PA online. Not to mention you can order your fuel online too. All while taking advantage of our competitive fuel oil prices, great customer service, as well as easy-to-earn loyalty bonuses. So, why not choose Smart Touch Energy?

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What Affects Heating Oil Prices in Harrisburg, PA?

Residents of homes reliant on heating oil are familiar with the annual fluctuations in its price. But what causes those price shifts, and how do we combat them at Smart Touch Energy?

Two factors affect heating oil prices in Harrisburg, PA the most:

  • Demand: Winter is when fuel oil demand is at its highest. Summer is when it’s at its lowest. That’s when energy providers stock up on heating oil, which helps them meet the demands of winter. For smaller companies, that’s a challenge due to limited resources.
    We’re in a unique position at Smart Touch Energy. While smaller, we’re also a member of Shipley Energy. This partnership allows us the opportunity to stock up on heating oil during the summer to work against the effects of increased demand in winter — letting us deliver the savings to you.
  • Energy provider: Heating oil prices in Harrisburg, PA include not only the cost of the fuel oil but also the cost of delivering it and processing your order. Our approach at Smart Touch Energy is to limit our expenses so we can provide you with a competitive price.
    We do that by operating as a 100 percent online company. From your price check to your purchase and invoice, everything is online. That lets us reduce our waste and administrative costs, as well as prevent an inflation of our service prices.

Our work towards lowering prices for heating oil in Harrisburg, PA are measurable. Average rates listed by the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) show that our per-unit price is $0.40 less than the national average.

How Do Delivery Services Affect Heating Oil Prices in Harrisburg, PA?

Our heating oil prices in Harrisburg, PA are affected by our delivery services, but not how you’d expect:

  • Automatic: We offer an Automatic Delivery program at Smart Touch Energy. If you always worry about running empty, it’s a convenient, hassle-free solution. We calculate your fuel usage, contact you in advance about a fill-up date and then deliver your heating oil. The best part? For every gallon, you save an additional $0.03.
  • One-Time: While some of our customers love Automatic Delivery, others prefer our One-Time Delivery. It may not include our loyalty discount, but it does deliver on our competitive prices for fuel oil. Plus, it provides you the freedom you want as a shopper, alongside our exceptional customer service.

Emergency delivery is also provided.

At Smart Touch Energy, we take a newer, smarter approach to heating oil. Try out our convenient shopping experience today by entering your zip code to find out our heating oil prices in Harrisburg, PA or the surrounding area!