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Brunswick Heating Oil

Brunswick is recognized for its many historic districts plus, it's home to Bowdoin College. It's also no stranger to Maine's long, cold winters. And since average low temperatures in Cumberland County are known to dip to near freezing or below for six months out of the year, the fact that Smart Touch Energy offers affordable Brunswick fuel oil via its online platform is welcome news to everyone who lives here.

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What Affects Brunswick Heating Oil Prices?

Did you know more than 70% of Maine's homes rely on heating oil? Yet most of those households are still searching for a more economical way to budget for their energy needs. To help, we've put our more than 85 years of experience to work for our customers to bypass some of the major factors that regularly drive up oil prices:

  • We avoid supply and demand: While our competitors increase their prices because their seasonal oil supplies are shrinking, we use our extensive resources to buy oil in bulk over the summer when prices reach their lowest. Then, with a healthy surplus, we're able to sell directly to our customers at stable prices throughout the year.
  • We trim our administrative fees: We're committed to improving our efficiency. For example, when the chance came for us to go paperless, we introduced our online ordering platform. The elimination of paper-related costs and non-essential admin expenses allows us to share added savings with our customers in the form of lower prices.

Why Choose Smart Touch Energy for Your Brunswick Heating Oil Delivery Service?

From single family homes in Hillside to the mansions of former sea captains in the Pennellville Historic District, Brunswick residents are making Smart Touch Energy their preferred heating oil delivery service. Check out the following benefits we offer, and see for yourself what makes us a better deal:

  • 24/7 online access: Join the more than 83% of Internet users who'd rather order their home fuel oil online. Price checks, order placements, secure payments and delivery tracking are now all possible from the convenience of your smartphone, tablet or other devices.
  • Dependable service: You can rely on our deliveries that are made by pre-screened, local suppliers. Quick, courteous service is the standard.
  • Cost-effective pricing: Stable prices and reduced admin fees combine to give you added savings on each order you place. Then, if you're happy with our service and tell your friends about us, you can get additional savings with our referral program.

Brunswick Fuel Oil Delivery Options for Every Household

No two households are identical, so we offer the freedom to choose between various delivery service options. Select the one that's the best match for your lifestyle:

  • Automatic: Our automatic service takes all the worry out of monitoring your own tank levels. We do it for you and deliver oil when you need it. Then we reward your loyalty by subtracting $0.03 off the price of each gallon. That's on top of our every day low prices.
  • One-time: Stay in control of your deliveries and still enjoy the convenience of online ordering. One-time delivery puts you in charge of when you want to access our every day low prices.
  • Emergency: Tank almost dry? Our emergency service can deliver in 24 hours or less. Plus, we can handle priming and restarting procedures to get you warm in no time.

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