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Amherst Heating Oil

Like the beautiful and historic city of Amherst, we also have an extensive history. For more than 85 years, Smart Touch Energy has provided heating oil to families across the Northeast, including those in New Hampshire. And today, we deliver fuel oil through our user-friendly site, which supports online orders and real-time price checks. Check heating oil prices for 03031 below.

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What Affects Heating Oil Prices in Amherst?

Several factors affect heating oil prices in Amherst, which we counter at Smart Touch Energy:

  • Seasonal demands: With winter comes inflated fuel oil costs — but not at Smart Touch Energy. We ensure our supply and demand stays balanced by purchasing excess heating oil during the summer, which is when prices decrease. That way, our rates remain stable and provide you and your family with predictable costs.
  • Operating costs: With every new year comes raised operating costs. We limit these increases by committing to a 100 percent online presence, which eliminates the use and waste of paper, as well as staffing only necessary roles. We then pass those savings on to you through our affordable Amherst fuel oil prices.

Why Choose Smart Touch Energy for Your Amherst Heating Oil?

Families throughout Amherst choose our heating oil services for several reasons, including:

  • Simple ordering: Via our easy-to-use website, we make purchasing and scheduling your fuel oil delivery seamless. Our ordering process also appeals to 83 percent of internet users, who prefer buying their heating oil online.
  • Dependable service: For more than eight decades, we’ve dedicated ourselves to delivering a customer-first approach. That’s why our trusted, pre-screened independent fuel dealers handle our Amherst fuel oil deliveries and provide exceptional customer service, including for priming or restarting your heating system.
  • Competitive rates: We ensure your family receives competitive heating oil prices for the Amherst area. In fact, our rates are $0.40 less than the national average, according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA). To help you save even more, we also offer a referral program.
  • Fast delivery: No matter the season, whether summer or winter, we deliver your fuel oil without delay. Our convenient website also lets you track your order from beginning to end. To make sure we meet your preferences, we offer three options for heating fuel delivery in Amherst.

Heating Oil Delivery Options in Amherst for Every Lifestyle

At Smart Touch Energy, we offer three types of heating oil delivery for the Amherst area:

  • Automatic: We understand the hassle of monitoring your tank as well as how easy it is to forget about it. That’s why we offer an Automatic Delivery program, which takes managing your heating oil use a step further. In addition to ensuring your tank is full, we also provide a $0.03 discount for every gallon of fuel oil purchased.
  • One-Time: With our One-Time Delivery, we make ordering heating oil seamless. Whether you’re away on business or relaxing at home with the kids, you’re free to schedule a delivery and receive our affordable fuel oil prices for Amherst. Plus, you can request restart or primer services if you need them.
  • Emergency: We realize the necessity of warming your home during the New Hampshire winter. That’s why we offer Emergency Delivery to homes throughout the Amherst area. Within 24 hours, you can count on your fuel oil being delivered by our leading team.

In New Hampshire, it’s essential to have a heated home and a trusted heating oil delivery provider. At Smart Touch Energy, we provide you and your family with the exceptional service you deserve as well as competitive heating oil prices for the Amherst area. Interested in seeing our real-time rates? Enter your zip code above!