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Easy online ordering. Loyalty rewards. Online price checking. Convenience. These are all reasons why families throughout the Lehigh Valley have chosen Smart Touch Energy as their energy provider. Interested in learning more about why your neighbors are making the switch to our smarter, newer way of oil delivery?

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What Affects Heating Oil Prices in Lehigh Valley, PA

Heating oil prices in Lehigh Valley, PA are notorious for fluctuating. At Smart Touch Energy, we help our customers avoid the pinch of spiked prices through our approach to heating oil. How? We base our services 100 percent online, with a network of delivery partners. That results in a low overhead, which lets us to pass the savings on to you.

Just see how we do it:

  • Seasonal demands: Winter and summer are the opposite when it comes to oil prices in the Lehigh Valley. Smart Touch Energy is a member of the Shipley Energy group, one of the most trusted energy providers in PA. This gives us the chance to purchase and store a surplus of heating fuel. With that excess oil, we can limit the effects of higher oil demands.
  • Delivery and administrative charges: A substantial amount of your Lehigh Valley heating oil price comes from delivery charges and processing fees. We counter that price influencer by delivering a paperless, online service for ordering your heating oil. That reduces our overhead expenses, which lets us pass the savings onto you.

Our commitment to a smarter, customer-focused approach is why our rates are $0.40 lower than the U.S. Energy Information Administration’s (EIA) listed averages.

How Do Delivery Services Affect Heating Oil Prices in Lehigh Valley, PA?

Our commitment to competitive pricing is evidenced further with our delivery services:

  • Automatic: Many energy providers offer Automatic Delivery by monitoring your tank’s usage. We offer a bit more than that at Smart Touch Energy. In addition to estimating when you’ll need another fill-up, we also provide a loyalty reward. To show our appreciation we provide a $0.03 discount for every gallon of heating oil, letting you save even more on your fuel costs.
  • One-Time: While a loyalty bonus isn’t included with our One-Time Delivery, our competitive, everyday oil prices for the Lehigh Valley, PA area are. It’s also a seamless, convenient process to create your account, check prices and place your order.
  • Emergency: If you’re lower on oil than you thought, our team is here. Not only will we deliver your oil, but we’ll also perform all the necessary priming and restart procedures so you can heat your home once again. The price of our oil doesn’t change either — it stays the same.

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