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Pennsylvania Heating Oil

Easy online ordering. Loyalty rewards. Online price checking. Convenience. These are all reasons why PA residents choose Smart Touch Energy for their fuel oil needs. Check local heating oil prices online and order anywhere. Enjoy quick delivery from reliable local dealers. No Contracts. No Commitments. Never.

Check Live Pricing in Pennsylvania

As a PA resident, you know that winters can be long and cold. If you rely on heating oil to keep your home warm and comfortable, you want a trustworthy supplier to keep your tank full and provide prompt and reliable service. You'll also want oil prices that fit your household budget.

Smart Touch Energy is a reputable heating oil supplier that can meet all your needs. We're a division of Shipley Energy, a York, PA-based company that has been serving the region with distinction for more than 90 years. We provide heating oil delivery to homeowners throughout the eastern and central areas of the state. We also offer a host of support services that make buying oil faster and more convenient than ever.

How to Find Fuel Prices Near Me

Oil prices can fluctuate based on various factors. It's important to shop around and make comparisons to ensure you're getting the best value for your hard-earned money.

At Smart Touch Energy, we make it easy to find the most current oil prices near you in PA. Enter your ZIP code into the secure form on this page and you'll get up-to-date results you can rely on to make an informed buying decision.

We list our fuel prices in the following gallon increments: 100, 150, 200, 250, and 275. If you prefer a different amount, feel free to enter it and we'll do our best to accommodate you. The delivery method you choose will also impact your overall cost.

We recommend purchasing at least 150 gallons. A surcharge applies to orders under 99 gallons.

Low-Cost Heating Oil Prices in PA

Smart Touch Energy is a newer, smarter way of having heating oil delivered to your home. We are based entirely online, with a network of delivery partners working throughout the Northeast. This is convenient for you, as it makes ordering fuel as easy as checking your email. It’s also economical, as our low overhead allows us to offer some of the best heating oil prices in PA. To understand how important this latter part is, consider some of the factors that affect the price of oil:

  • International events don't tend to make as much of a difference to heating oil prices in PA as some consumers think. While fluctuations in the price of crude oil do impact the price of heating fuel a little, these account for only a small portion of the typical variance in rates from month to month.
  • Seasonal demand, on the other hand, can have a very noticeable impact on oil prices. Oil is a commodity: The more people want it, the more it costs. This affects smaller suppliers more dramatically, as they don't have the buying power to purchase in bulk when prices are low. One of the benefits of choosing Smart Touch Energy is that, as part of the Shipley Energy group of companies, we have the resources available to buy and store large amounts of heating fuel at a time, creating a hedge against the effects of rising demand in the winter months.
  • Administrative and delivery fees make up a large portion of any heating oil bill. The benefits of going with a company such as Smart Touch Energy are clear. Not only do we have the infrastructure in place to get your delivery to you for less, we also have invested in online ordering and billing technology, reducing waste, streamlining operations and cutting our admin costs considerably.

As a result of all the above, Smart Touch Energy is able to offer oil prices in PA that are up to $0.40 per unit lower than average rates posted by the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA). Making us your exclusive provider is easy. There are no upfront costs, no long-term commitments and no contracts to sign. Many of our customers save as much as $200 a year just by making the switch.

Flexible Delivery Options for Every Home

No two homes in Pennsylvania are the same — your budget, your schedule and other priorities all play a role in determining the best type of heating oil delivery for you. Smart Touch Energy offers several flexible delivery options for PA homes:

  • Automatic Delivery Service – Our Automatic Delivery program is the easiest way to ensure you always have sufficient heating oil on hand, no matter what the weather brings. As an Autofill customer, we keep track of your fuel use with our proprietary method of calculating heat degree day (HDD). This warns us before you begin to run low. We’ll contact you and schedule a top-off at your convenience.
  • One Time Delivery – Many of our customers prefer to be more hands-on with their heating oil, whether it's to schedule around vacations, monitor fuel prices more closely or any number of other reasons. With on-demand heating oil delivery, you can buy fuel at any time — you don't even have to be a returning customer. Simply visit our website, check out the latest PA heating oil prices and place your order directly.
  • Equipment Tune-ups – Our techs will make sure your important home HVAC equipment is running its best, reducing the risk of a breakdown and improving overall system efficiency. Most manufacturers recommend having a home burner and A/C unit looked over by a professional at least once a year.

Enjoy the Ease and Convenience of Online Ordering

No matter which delivery option you choose, you can still benefit from the convenience of online ordering and billing. Start by setting up a free Smart Touch Energy account, which you can do in just minutes. You can then check the heating oil prices near you and select your preferred delivery method. If you need an equipment service, you can order that as well. Use the shopping cart to check out quickly and securely.

Our technician will arrive at your home within three business days to fill your tank.

We also give you the option to make payment for your oil in advance. If you prepay for fuel but don't end up requiring the full amount you ordered, your credit card will be refunded the difference automatically.

Emergency Fuel Delivery

Most heating oil deliveries can be fulfilled within a day or two of receiving your order. If you find yourself running low, rush service is available, too. Smart Touch Energy can also provide prime/restart services if you're starting your burner up for the first time in the season or after running out of fuel. Having a professional prime and restart your burner reduces the risk of damage due to air in the fuel lines or other issues. Prime/Restart services can be scheduled at any time or performed while delivering your fuel order.

Emergency service, convenient online ordering, and some of the best prices on home heating oil in PA are just a few of the reasons why Smart Touch Energy is a different kind of fuel delivery company altogether. Create an account and place your order today to discover for yourself how easy it can be to heat your home in Philly, Harrisburg or anywhere else in eastern and central PA. Check live, local fuel oil prices today.

Top-Quality Service Makes a Difference

When you choose Smart Touch Energy for home heating oil in PA, you'll receive service from a supplier that makes customer service the top priority. Our technicians are well-trained and professional — we'll get the job done quickly to ensure a warm and comfortable home. Our customer care team is also available to answer your questions or address delivery issues or other concerns. Our commitment to service keeps us one step ahead of all the other heating oil suppliers in PA.

Check Out Our PA Oil Prices Today

Make Smart Touch Energy your one-stop source for heating oil in PA. To get started, fill out our secure form to view the current oil prices near you. If you have questions or would like more information, give us a call at 855-909-8980 or contact us online at your convenience.