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Camp Hill Heating Oil

Join the many others in Camp Hill that benefit from easy online ordering, loyalty rewards, online real-time price checking, and convenience benefits by choosing Smart Touch Energy. As your local fuel oil provider, we’ll provide quick and easy price checking, ordering and delivery so you can save time and money! No need to worry about contracts or commitments ever again.

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If you’ve lived in Pennsylvania for long, you know how beautiful the landscape is during every season. This is no different for Camp Hill and the surrounding areas, but with the beauty of winter comes frigid temperatures. It can be a pain to wait on hold to find prices and order heating oil. With Smart Touch Energy, you’ll be able to handle 100% of the process online, from a price check to the final delivery, anywhere and on any device.

Heating Oil Price Factors in Camp Hill and the Surrounding Region

Depending on the energy provider you use, several factors can affect fuel oil prices. We strive to limit each of these elements as much as possible to bring you everyday low prices. Some of the issues that normally increase heating oil costs are:

  • Increased Seasonal Demand: During the cold months of winter, demands for heating oil skyrocket. For most small energy providers, this means paying a higher rate and increasing the prices customers pay. We avoid this inflation and deliver savings straight to you via our connection with Shipley Energy, one of the most respected and trusted PA fuel providers. Our resources allow us to purchase a surplus of fuel oil in the summer when it’s economical, store it for the winter months and sell it for summer prices when you need it.
  • Administrative and Overhead Fees: With many other companies, costs of operations can make up much of your heating oil invoice. Since we want to save you money and know 83% of internet users prefer online oil ordering, we handle absolutely everything online — paperless billing minimizes waste and ultimately, cost.

We’re proud of the results our efforts have had. The U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) lists a national per-unit fuel oil average at $0.40 higher than what we charge for ours in Camp Hill, PA.

Delivery Services for Every Lifestyle

We know not every person wants to handle their home heating needs the same way, so offer several delivery options, including:

  • Automatic Delivery: With this option, you’ll only have to place one order. We’ll ask you a series of questions that help us determine with as much precision as possible exactly when your next refill will be needed. We’ll track your tank for you and call you to schedule a refill when it’s time. To reward your loyalty, we offer $0.03 off every gallon for this option.
  • One-Time Delivery: Some people love the freedom to jump from provider to provider and shop around every time they need to buy more heating oil. That’s why we offer one-time delivery at our everyday prices. We strive to make sure your delivery arrives within three business days. Since we’re confident you’ll choose Smart Touch Energy again, we offer these services with no contracts or commitments.
  • Emergency Delivery: We understand how easy it can be to forget about your oil tank. We also don’t want you to have to deal with the inconvenience of a slow delivery or a cold home. If you realize your tank has run low, we can rush our delivery to your Camp Hill home in under 24 hours in most cases.

If you need a prime and restart or inspection service because it’s the first time your HVAC system has run this year, or because your tank has run completely empty, you can rely on Smart Touch Energy to ensure your equipment’s functionality and safety.

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With all the shopping and entertainment available in and around Camp Hill, PA, the last thing you need to waste time worrying about is whether your home will be warm when you get back — let us take care of that. Check our prices for your exact location by entering your zip code now.