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Montgomery County Heating Oil

Montgomery County, PA, is known for its beautiful seasons. So no matter what part of the county you’re from — Norristown, Pottstown, Collegeville or Phoenixville, PA — you’re familiar with the hunt for affordable heating oil. When you choose Smart Touch Energy, you’ll find the ease and convenience of price checking heating oil online, as well as using our easy-to-use website, makes heating your home that much easier. Buy and schedule delivery in minutes!

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What Affects Heating Oil Prices in Montgomery County?

At Smart Touch Energy, we lead a newer, smarter way to finding and buying heating oil for your home in Montgomery County. Our unique approach comes from how we handle the two main factors that cause fluctuations in heating oil prices:

  • Seasonal demands: Winter weather plays a major role in the pricing of heating oil. During winter, there’s a higher demand among homeowners to fill their tanks and heat their homes, in comparison to the summer months. Many energy providers raise their prices in response to this increased demand. We take an alternate route.
    As a member of Shipley Energy, one of the most trusted fuel providers of PA, we have access to the necessary resources for purchasing substantial amounts of heating oil in the summer. With our surplus of fuel oil, we can deliver a hedge against sharp price fluctuations throughout the year.
  • Overhead costs: It’s easy to mark winter as the main culprit of inflated heating oil prices, but operating and delivery expenses tend to make up most of your Montgomery Counting heating oil invoice. We work against those additional fees by minimizing our waste and costs.
    We do that with our 100 percent online presence. All orders and shopping are done online, which meets the preferences of the 83 percent of Internet users who said they’d prefer buying their heating oil over the web. Our paperless solutions also prevent unnecessary waste. We pass all these benefits onto you, the customer.

Our dedication to delivering fair prices is exemplified by the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA). Their reports show that the average, per-unit cost of heating is $0.40 more than our own. That’s a substantial difference when it comes to heating.

How Do Delivery Services Affect Heating Oil Prices Throughout Montgomery County, PA?

We take our commitment to competitive prices a step further with our delivery services:

  • Automatic: Our Automatic Delivery service is our most popular delivery option. It’s convenient, as we monitor your fuel tank for you, as well as call about scheduling a fill-up. It’s also beneficial to your wallet. As a loyalty perk, every Automatic Delivery receives $0.03 off every gallon of heating oil.
  • One-Time: For those who like a hands-on experience, our One-Time Delivery gives you full control. Order when you want — without the commitment. Like Automatic Delivery, you get to take advantage of our competitive prices.

We also offer emergency delivery.

From Norristown and Phoenixville to Collegeville and Conshohocken, PA, our network of delivery partners is ready to heat your home with fair-priced heating oil. Find out our Montgomery County heating oil prices today by entering your zip code!