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White Plains Heating Oil

If you need a reliable source of fuel oil for your heating needs, you can trust Smart Touch Energy to be your go-to supplier.

Our company has more than 85 years of experience, and our experts will know exactly how to assist you. Compare your prospective rates with live price checking. You can also take advantage of a simple ordering system and automatic delivery that can help you save money in the long run. To add to it all, you can go through the entire process online, which makes it a convenient overall experience for you.

No contracts. No commitments. No hassle.

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Factors That Play Into White Plains Heating Oil Prices

Several of our competitors suffer from critical downfalls when it comes to their pricing models, but Smart Touch Energy has developed many strategies to hurdle those issues and prevent you from overpaying for oil when you need it most. The most common problems are as follows:

  • Seasonal demand: Supply and demand is an economic principle that never fails to be relevant, and it's especially pertinent in the energy sector. When the winter hits and the temperatures drop, everyone seeks heating oil, which can put a bind on local suppliers. They need to pay an increased rate for the product, which in turn results in a higher price point for you, the customer. This price gouging can drastically affect how you budget, which is why we purchase a surplus supply of heating oil to maintain stability. When you partner with us, you'll pay summertime rates for winter warmth.
  • Administrative costs: Many companies still rely on outdated methods of service delivery, which can hamper their overall productivity. Not only does eliminating physical bills and other paper waste cut down on those operating costs, but it also translates into a more leisurely time for you. Research shows that 83 percent of customers say they prefer an online interface, which we offer in its entirety. From White Plains to other New York locations, you'll experience lower prices without sacrificing service quality.

Your Options for White Plains Fuel Oil Delivery

From the coast to the inland and beyond, we offer a variety of different delivery options to satisfy a range of clients in White Plains and Westchester County, including:

  • Automatic delivery: You'll just answer a series of questions about your usage trends and place your order. We’ll keep tabs on your tank to keep your refills timely. We even offer perks for this option, as you can save $0.03 off every gallon.
  • One-time delivery: We're focused on satisfying you, and we don't expect a commitment either. If you like shopping around from provider to provider, you can select a single-purchase transaction with us at an everyday price.
  • Emergency delivery: None of us are perfect, and we forget about things. An empty tank can spell disaster, which is why we offer emergency delivery that can arrive at your doorstep in less than 24 hours.

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We pride ourselves on competitive affordability and stress-free service. If you think that you can benefit from our business philosophy, check our prices and select your delivery option by entering your zip code.