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North Shore Heating Oil 

Steeped in history, the North Shore is often considered one of the best places to live in Massachusetts. But when temperatures drop in the winter months, a reliable partner for heating oil delivery is essential — especially when average highs hover around just 40°!

Order affordable heating oil quickly and conveniently with Smart Touch Energy's services in the North Shore area of Massachusetts. We offer time-saving online ordering and live price checks, along with speedy delivery. Plus, there are no contracts or commitments anywhere.

Check Live Pricing in North Shore Massachusetts

The Benefits of Heating Oil From Smart Touch Energy

Smart Touch Energy strives to offer customers a wide range of benefits that make managing your heating oil supply simple and cost-effective:

  • Affordable oil prices: We take careful measures to minimize operational overhead and material waste, so we can keep our prices low and pass the savings on to you. For instance, we reduce paper waste by providing paperless billing and online-only ordering. 
  • Live online pricing:With our online tool, you can enter your zip code and check real-time heating oil prices. Plus, once you place an order, that's the amount you pay — even if the price changes by the time it gets delivered.
  • Commitment-free: There's no contract or commitment with Smart Touch Energy. You can order heating oil whenever you need it.
  • Trusted local vendors: We work with reputable local vendors to provide fast, quality North Shore oil delivery.

With Smart Touch Energy, affordability and flexibility come standard with every order of heating oil in North Shore.

Smart Touch Energy is a leading fuel supplier for homes in Salem, Gloucester, and throughout the North Shore. We have the extensive delivery network necessary to get you the fuel you need when you need it. A number of value-added services, such as online ordering and billing, heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning (HVAC) inspections, and more, make us an ideal full-service partner for any homeowner.

More Ways to Order Fuel Online

At Smart Touch Energy, we are committed to offering flexible purchasing options that meet the requirements of any homeowner. Whether you prefer to have more control over when you buy or would rather set it and forget it to keep the tank full, we have aheating oil planfor you.

Our on-time delivery option features convenient online ordering. Enter your email address and ZIP code into our secure form to get the latest North Shore fuel oil prices and place your order directly. There are no contracts to sign or other commitments, and your bill will be processed right away. You won't be affected if the price of oil jumps before you receive your delivery.

Alternately, our Automatic Delivery program takes the guesswork out of ordering heating oil online. Make us your exclusive supplier, and we'll monitor your fuel use and automatically contact you when it's time to refill. No matter which program you choose, you'll only pay for the fuel you need. If you've pre-paid and end up requiring less than anticipated, we'll automatically refund the difference to your credit card.

Why Our Prices Are Lower

When you want the best oil prices in the North Shore, contact Smart Touch Energy first. Unlike other companies, we're transparent about our pricing, with up-to-the-minute rates posted on our website at all times. We're also consistently lower than the competition. Some of our customers save up to $200 a year simply by making us their exclusive heating oil provider.

Here's how we do it:

  • We have increased buying power and fuel storage facilities, making it possible to purchase oil in bulk when prices are low.
  • Our network of partners stretches across the Northeast, giving us the infrastructure necessary to keep administrative and delivery costs low.
  • We serve all of the North Shore, which means pricing from town to town is more consistent.

Partner With Smart Touch Energy Today

There is no better partner for keeping your home warm than Smart Touch Energy. In addition to oil delivery, we can also perform regular heating and air conditioning tune-ups that save you the trouble of calling a separate contractor for this important preventative maintenance. All of these benefits come at affordable costs with convenient and fast ordering options. Take advantage of live pricing updates and flexible delivery options to save money and time on your North Shore oil purchases.

To find out more or to schedule an appointment, create your account online today. Have a question? Check out the FAQs page or contact the Smart Touch Energy team by phone or email for assistance.