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Smart Touch Energy is an innovative marketer of energy products and services for residential and commercial customers. The Smart Touch team has a track record of improving volume and profits for our network service providers. Using the Smart Touch website, consumers can easily learn about, price discover and purchase their energy and service needs at their convenience.

How It Works

Smart Touch Energy handles all customer service, marketing, advertising, accounting, customer billing, collections, technology management and customer communications.

Our service partner simply fulfills the work order and Smart Touch Energy pays for the HVAC services. All we ask from our partners is their dedication to keeping our customers satisfied!

HVAC unit being serviced

Smart Touch Energy’s online system handles the ordering process from start to finish. Once a Smart Touch Energy customer places an order online, the Smart Touch Energy service partner in that assigned territory receives the order. The service provider then efficiently plans and manages the order by accessing the contractors own online web portal.

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Increasing your volume and your profits could not be easier.

Smart Touch Energy is designed to serve the needs of the 83% of internet users who prefer to buy home energy services online. Our website makes it easy for consumers to shop for their energy 24 hours a day, 7 days a week ...just the way they like it. Custom designed for the downstream energy market, our smart web tools allow customers to set-up their unique energy profile, manage their account, place orders, arrange for payment, track deliveries and much more.

Who Provides Service?

The Smart Touch HVAC services are provided by a network of qualified local, regional HVAC contractors who operate in exclusive territories. Pre-screened and qualified by Smart Touch, our service providers have agreed to perform to the standards set forth by Smart Touch Energy and are rated by our customers on every service visit.

Why Smart Touch?

  Increase HVAC Orders

By adding incremental service orders to their existing business, our contractors enjoy the benefit of increased efficiencies ... more service calls per technician means greater profits.

  Reach New Customers

The Smart Touch team has successfully sold more energy services online than anyone else. Our proven marketing plans combine traditional marketing tactics, such as direct mail and billboards, with the latest techniques in online and social media marketing to reach new customers. Once we acquire a customer, our sophisticated relationship-building eCommunication strategy takes over to retain the customer and build customer loyalty.

  Grow Profits

Not only do you make money on each Smart Touch service order, but the incremental volume we provide to you increases the profitability of your core business. By adding Smart Touch service requests to your existing business, Smart Touch Energy enables you to more efficiently schedule your technicians work day and add more revenue to the bottom line.

Frequently Asked Questions

For the incremental service volume and added profitability! By joining Smart Touch you enjoy the benefit of having an exclusive service territory, enjoying additional service volume, having the opportunity for better efficiencies increasing your profit margins, and gain an advantage over your competitors.

We do everything except for servicing the customers HVAC equipment. We do all the marketing and advertising to acquire and retain customers; we make the sale, collect payment and manage the customer relationship.

You service customers based on the Performance Standards established by Smart Touch Energy and then simply post the work performed on the Smart Touch website. All we ask of you is your dedication to customer satisfaction!

Smart Touch gives you your own dealer contractor web portal where you log in to receive, manifest and post your orders. Your web portal is available to you 24/7/365. In addition, you can also opt to receive order information via text message or email.

Work orders need to be fulfilled according to the Performance Standards set forth by Smart Touch Energy.

Smart Touch Energy will directly sell system tune ups to customers for which you will be reimbursed a flat rate.

You are paid by ACH, directly to your bank account, weekly.

Call the Smart Touch support team at 855-385-7678 with any questions.

Join Smart Touch Today

Increasing your volume and your profits could not be easier.

We Market, You Service

  • We acquire and care for customers, and process payments.
  • You fulfill HVAC service requests.
  • No costs or fees!
  • Adds service volume and revenue!
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The Smart Touch Team

We bring curiosity and intensity to challenge the fundamental premises of an industry that has lacked innovation for over 100 years.

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