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Monroe Heating Oil

Prized by its residents for its proximity to major business centers like Bridgeport and New York City, Monroe is dotted with pleasant communities, retail outlets and even a few commercial headquarters. But since it's located in the southwest corner of the Constitution State, it still gets hit with unforgiving New England winters.

Here in Fairfield County, temperatures regularly drop to lows in the 30s or below from November through early April. It's no wonder residents are excited that Smart Touch Energy offers Monroe fuel oil at affordable prices. Plus, to streamline the process of purchasing heating oil, our online platform allows you to check prices in real time, as well as place orders and pay securely without any complicated contracts or extended obligations.

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Factors Affecting Monroe Heating Oil Prices

At Smart Touch Energy, we use our more than 85 years of experience to keep our prices lower. Here are a couple of ways we do it:

  • Offer an alternative to seasonal demands: If you've lived in Connecticut for more than a season, then you know Monroe fuel oil prices go up as soon as winter arrives. These unwelcome price hikes are due to seasonal demand. Companies see their supplies shrink and raise their prices to keep pace with competitors. However, we put our sizable purchasing power to work over the summer and buy oil in bulk when it's priced lowest. With a large surplus, we can sell to our customers at stable prices all year. 
  • Reduce overhead costs: We never stop looking for ways to improve our efficiency. That's why we launched our online ordering platform. By eliminating paper costs and non-essential administrative fees, we can pass on the resulting savings to our customers in the form of more economical prices. 

Make Smart Touch Energy Your Preferred Monroe Heating Oil Delivery Service

All across Monroe from the shore of Lake Zoar in Stevenson to the edge of Wolfe Park by Stepney households are choosing Smart Touch Energy for their heating oil delivery. See how our service can benefit you as well:

  • Online convenience: Over 83% of Internet users prefer to buy their heating oil online. Fortunately, our website offers 24/7 convenience. Check prices, place orders, make secure payments and even track your order on the device of your choice.
  • Trustworthy service: Our service is always quick, courteous and reliable because we pre-screen all of our independent, local suppliers. Your satisfaction is our priority.
  • Affordable pricing: With stable prices and lower overhead costs, you can enjoy increased savings on each order. Our referral program offers even more savings.

Service to Match Your Lifestyle Monroe Fuel Oil Delivery Options

No two households are identical. That's why we offer several delivery options. Choose the service that best matches your lifestyle:

  • Automatic: Monitoring tank levels not your thing? Our automatic service will do it for you delivering oil when you require it. Plus, as added thanks for your loyalty, we'll deduct $0.03 off each gallon on top of our everyday low prices. 
  • One-time: Stay in charge of your deliveries with our one-time service featuring online convenience and our everyday low prices.
  • Emergency: Almost out of heating oil? Our emergency service can deliver in 24 hours or less. We can help with priming and restarting your system as well. 

Why pay more to heat your home? For more information, contact us today and let the savings begin.