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Luzerne County Heating Oil

Luzerne County is the most populated county in northeastern PA, which means a lot of homes need reliable heating oil delivery in the winter. Residents of Luzerne County know that for Luzerne heating oil delivery, the company you need is Smart Touch Energy.

We'll make managing your Luzerne County heating oil needs easy. All you have to do is click the link below to search for the current live Luzerne County heating oil price and order. You can get as much or as little oil as you need with no long-term commitment or contract.

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Why Residents of Luzerne County Love Smart Touch Energy for Their Home Heating Oil Delivery

Why choose Smart Touch Energy for your home heating oil in Luzerne County? How about these qualities:

  • Convenient ordering: There’s no hassle when it comes to ordering home heating oil from Smart Touch Energy. You can order from anywhere and get your oil fast just by using your favorite digital device to place your request online.
  • Fast fulfillment: Our system will allow us to start preparing your order the moment you submit it. We have inventory close to where you live in Luzerne County, so we can get your oil over to you right away.
  • Superior service: We’ll get your order right, deliver it promptly and answer any questions you may have. We won't be happy unless we know you're completely satisfied.
  • Budget-friendly solutions: We have extremely competitive oil and delivery prices thanks in part to our efficient ordering and fulfillment system that keeps costs down.

Delivery Options

Customize your home heating oil delivery in Luzerne County by choosing one of two delivery options: automatic or one-time.

Many of our customers prefer our automatic delivery service. You can place your order once and never have to worry about running out of oil again. We have a smart algorithm that will alert us when you’re running low, which means we can automatically ship you a new order. You'll get the ultimate convenience, freedom from worry and a lower price as well since we happily offer a three-cent-per-gallon discount to everyone who uses our automatic delivery plan.

Perhaps you’re not ready to fully commit to the automatic plan. That’s fine — we'll be happy to take single, one-time delivery orders for as much or as little oil as you need. Contact us online whenever you need a refill. You can even hop on and off the automatic delivery plan whenever you want without any obligation.

If your oil needs get away from you and you need a refill right away, get in touch with us immediately. We offer emergency heating oil delivery — we'll bring you the same oil you get with your normal service, but we'll bring it to you right away. We’ll even help you with priming and restarting your heating system.

There’s no reason to have to worry about getting caught without heating oil when you need it in Luzerne County or other select parts of PA. To get started, just submit your zip code to check live oil prices in your area.