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Air Conditioning Tune-Up (Preventive Maintenance)

Your home should be a refuge when the weather outside is too hot to bear. Keeping your home comfortable is dependent on a fully functioning cooling system. Hot summers in New England, New York, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts and other northern states demand a healthy air-conditioning unit.

At Smart Touch Energy, we provide air conditioning preventive maintenance. We'll make sure your cooling system is running at its peak performance, so you don't have to worry.

Air conditioning system being serviced

How we keep your cooling system running at its peak performance.

Air Conditioning Tune-up (Preventive Maintenance) includes:
  1. Clean evaporator coil, if accessible.
  2. Clean condenser coil
  3. Clean condensate drain
  4. Check refrigerant pressure
  5. Clean or replace air filter (customer provided filter)
  6. Clean and adjust blower
  7. Lubricate to manufacturer recommendations
  8. Adjust pilot
  9. Measure: Airflow, Temperature differential, Volts/mps, Operating efficiency
  10. Test starting capabilities

A/C Tune-ups Made Easy

  1. Purchase the A/C Tune-up from our secure website.
  2. Our local partner contacts you to schedule and perform the Tune-up.
    It’s that easy!

The most frustrating part about air conditioning problems is that they strike at the most inconvenient times. Your AC unit is most likely to go out during the hottest parts of the year when it's working hard and you need it the most. At Smart Touch Energy, we recommend annual A/C Tune-ups before the start of the season. This way you can assure any problems will be corrected early and your system will be running as efficiently as possible. If you need repairs or emergency service, you can work directly with our local partner who performed the Tune-up.

We're here to help

If you have questions regarding air-conditioning tune-up service please contact the Smart Touch support team.

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