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Cumberland Heating Oil

In the far northeast corner of Rhode Island, winters can be unforgiving. As Cumberland residents know, average low temperatures here can dip into the 30s or below from November through April, making Cumberland heating oil prices a hot topic. This is why Smart Touch Energy is here to provide you with a more convenient and affordable way of getting Cumberland fuel oil delivery. What’s even better? We do it without involving complicated contracts or commitments!

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How Smart Touch Energy Lowers Cumberland Fuel Oil Prices

As one of the earliest settled parts of the country, Cumberland is steeped in history — and so are its homes. And with so many residents relying on Cumberland fuel oil to provide them with heat and hot water, it’s good to know that a company like Smart Touch Energy with over 85 years in the heating oil business can put its experience to work for its customers, saving them both time and money.

  • A better way to buy. As winter arrives and you reach for the thermostat, do you also feel the pinch in your wallet as heating oil prices rise at the exact same time? Often, local oil suppliers will hike their prices when their supplies dwindle and their competitors raise their prices, too. Fortunately, with Smart Touch Energy, there’s a better way to buy. Thanks to our extensive experience in the heating oil business, we know a thing or two about purchasing heating oil. That’s why we buy in bulk during the summer when prices are at their lowest. Then we turn around and sell Cumberland fuel oil at summer prices all winter long! You wind up getting more than quality heating oil — you get savings and stability as well! 
  • Efficiency equals savings. With our competitors, high fees and operating costs result in higher prices. In contrast, at Smart Touch Energy, we’re all about efficiency. For example, our 100% online platform allows us to eliminate several non-essential costs. By cutting out paper waste and the associated administrative fees, we save on overall operating costs. Then we share those savings with you. 

Why Choose Smart Touch Energy as Your Cumberland Heating Oil Supplier?

Across northeasternmost Providence County, more and more residents of Cumberland are turning to Smart Touch Energy to enjoy the following benefits:

  • Convenience: Order heating oil as easily as you check email. Now, you can check fuel oil prices, place an order and pay completely online. With our secure, easy-to-use website, you can place and track your order from wherever you access the Internet!
  • Service: Our fuel suppliers are all pre-screened to deliver quick, courteous and reliable service. Your satisfaction is always a top priority! 
  • Affordability: Lower costs and stable oil prices mean you save on every order. And if you tell your friends about us, our referral program will save you even more! 

Freedom to Choose: Cumberland Heating Oil Delivery Options

At Smart Touch Energy, we understand that every household is unique. That’s why we offer several delivery services to match various lifestyles. See which option is right for you:

  • Automatic service: Sick of worrying about tank levels? Why not let us take care of it and reward you for your loyalty? With this option, we monitor and deliver fuel oil automatically when you need it. On top of that, we reward you with a $0.03 discount off each gallon. That’s in addition to our everyday low prices! 
  • One-time service: With online convenience, everyday low prices and outstanding customer service, our one-time delivery option is the ultimate way to stay fully in control of your heating oil ordering. 
  • Emergency service: Running out? There’s no need to panic. Our emergency service delivers in 24 hours or less. And for those who need it, we offer priming and restarting of heating systems. Get your house back to being warm in no time!

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