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Heating Oil in Lewistown, Pennsylvania

Residents of Lewistown often experience chilly winters, starting as early as mid-October! At Smart Touch Energy, we provide online ordering and quick delivery for home heating oil in Mifflin County, Pennsylvania. 

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Benefits of Buying Heating Oil With Smart Touch Energy

When you buy heating oil from Smart Touch Energy, you get personalized delivery and some of the most economical prices on the market. We are an online company, so we reach a network of providers and technicians across northeastern America. Because of our business model, we can give you great value.

With no overhead, we drop our oil prices up to $0.40 lower per gallon than the national average. That means that you get the benefit of buying online at a low cost for your area. 

We buy fuel in the summer to maintain control of our product regardless of winter demand. Many other companies respond to high demand by increasing prices in the winter. We work to fit your budget so you can have full confidence this season.

Delivery Options

We work around your schedule to meet your needs without disrupting your day. If you need fuel quickly for any reason, we also offer emergency 24-hour service at a small fee. Ordering with us means you get to choose the delivery option that fits your preferences best:

  • Automatic delivery: Homeowners with automatic delivery save money on their orders as a thank you for their loyalty. When you select this option, you get a $0.03 per gallon discount. Plus, we renew your order based on our time estimate of when you need more fuel.
  • One-time delivery: We offer one-time delivery ordering, so you can get what you need when you need it. We bring your oil within three days of your order, so you can expect prompt and convenient delivery.
  • Equipment checkups: Ensuring your HVAC system works is just as important as keeping it fueled. Our expert team of technicians can perform yearly tune-ups as part of your delivery for your peace of mind.

Order Home Heating Oil in Mifflin County

We offer convenience and value with excellent delivery and heating oil prices in Lewiston, Pennsylvania. 

If you'd like to order from Smart Touch Energy, you can begin by creating a free online account. We also offer a database of live fuel prices in Lewiston for you to check. Once you select your preferred delivery option, we will handle the rest and begin your delivery process.