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Coventry Heating Oil

With several villages built around 19thcentury mills in its eastern section and a still largely rural western portion, Coventry is dotted with historic homes, farmhouses and residences. And with New England winters bringing nearly 40 inches of snow annually and low temperatures that dip into the 30s or below from November through March, many residents here rely on Coventry fuel oil delivery to heat their homes. That’s why it’s good news that Smart Touch Energy is now offering real-time price checking, online ordering, a loyalty rewards program and of course, unparalleled customer service. What’s more, there’s never a contract or commitment to deal with!

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Which Factors Affect Coventry Fuel Oil Prices?

It happens every year. Winter arrives, and as your need for fuel oil increases, Coventry heating oil prices rise. If you ever wished there was something you could do about those ill-timed price hikes, Smart Touch Energy is here to save the day — and save you money!

  • Avoid seasonal demands. Other heating oil suppliers deal with dwindling supplies by raising their prices to match their competition. But with more than 85 years of experience in the home fuel oil business, Smart Touch energy believes there’s a better way to treat our customers. That’s why we use our resources to buy fuel oil in bulk over the summer when prices are at their lowest. Then we sell it throughout the winter at summertime prices — precisely when you need it most. We like to say that we supply more than quality heating oil. We deliver savings and stability as well.
  • Save on lower operating costs. Smart Touch Energy is a company built upon innovation and the drive to constantly improve. That’s why, when our online platform led to the elimination of paper waste and the reduction of non-essential administrative fees, we chose to share those savings with our customers. The result is even lower costs to you!

Why Choose Smart Touch Energy as Your Coventry Fuel Oil Supplier?

From single family homes near the Connecticut state line to residential communities near West Warwick, increasing numbers of Coventry households are turning to Smart Touch Energy for the following benefits:

  • Online ordering: Check current oil prices, place an order and make a secure payment all through our easy-to-use website. Forget about phone calls or being placed on hold. Now, you can conveniently track your order from wherever you access the Internet. 
  • Trustworthy service: With pre-screened fuel suppliers you always get fast, courteous and above all trustworthy service. Your satisfaction is our priority! 
  • Transparent pricing: Lower operating costs and transparent oil prices mean you save on every order. Tell your friends about our great prices and service, and our referral program will save you even more! 

Service for Every Lifestyle — Coventry Heating Oil Delivery Options

Smart Touch Energy respects the individuality of every household. That’s why we always offer you the freedom to choose from several delivery options. See which service matches your lifestyle:

  • Automatic service: Stop worrying about your tank levels. With automatic service, we monitor and deliver your heating oil whenever you need it. Plus, we reward your loyalty with a $0.03 discount off every gallon. That’s in addition to our everyday low prices! 
  • One-time service: Do you want full control of your fuel orders? Enjoy online convenience, everyday low prices and superior customer service — all in our one-time delivery option with no strings attached!
  • Emergency service: Running low? No need to panic. Our emergency service will deliver in 24 hours or less. And if you need it, priming and restarting of your heating system is always available. Get back to being warm! 

Stop paying more than you have to. Contact us now for answers to all your heating oil questions, and start saving today!