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Falmouth Heating Oil

Situated on Casco Bay, Falmouth offers one of Maine's biggest anchorages and serves as a convenient suburb to Portland but that doesn't mean it can escape the biting cold temperatures Cumberland County experiences come winter. Here in Southern Maine, cold Atlantic winds and nor'easters regularly keep average low temperatures below freezing from November through March.

So it's welcome news that Smart Touch Energy now offers competitively priced Falmouth fuel oil via our easy-to-navigate online platform that supports real-time price checking, online ordering and secure payments. Plus, there are no lengthy contracts or agreements to deal with ever.

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Factors Affecting Falmouth Heating Oil Prices

For a long time, many Mainers were limited in their choice of heating oil supplier, yet more than 70% of the Pine Tree State's homes still depend on fuel oil for heat. Fortunately, Smart Touch Energy is changing this scenario by leveraging our vast experience to bypass common factors that inflate oil prices.

  • Escape supply and demand: At Smart Touch Energy, we put our powerful purchasing capabilities to work over the summer to acquire oil in bulk when it's priced the lowest. Then, with a healthy surplus, we sell heating oil all year long at stable prices. 
  • Reduce admin fees: We constantly strive to improve our efficiency. So when the opportunity to go paperless arose, we launched our online ordering platform. As a result, we've eliminated paper costs and several non-essential administrative fees and we share these savings with our customers 

Why Make Smart Touch Energy Your Falmouth Heating Oil Delivery Service?

From Highland Lake to Casco Terrace, households across Falmouth are choosing Smart Touch Energy as their heating oil delivery service. Find out how our service can benefit you, too:

  • Online convenience: Since more than 83% of Internet users prefer to order their heating oil online, we purposely designed our website to support real-time price checking, order placement and secure payment. All you have to do is decide which smart device you'll use to track you order.
  • Trustworthy service: All of our independent local suppliers are pre-screened to ensure you receive service that's fast, reliable and courteous.
  • Affordable prices: With stable pricing and reduced admin fees, you enjoy greater savings on every order you place. And if you're pleased enough with our service to refer your friends, our referral program can save you even more.

The Choice Is Always Yours Falmouth Fuel Oil Delivery Options

Each home is unique, so we offer different delivery service options. Choose the one that best matches your lifestyle:

  • Automatic option: If you've had enough of worrying about your tank levels, why not let our automatic service do it for you? We do all the monitoring and deliver oil when you need it. You'll also get a discount of $0.03 off each gallon in addition to our every day low prices. 
  • One-time option: You decide when you want deliveries, yet you still have full access to online ordering. With our one-time delivery, you're in charge and you can still take advantage of our low prices with no strings attached.
  • Emergency option: Tank dry? Our emergency service delivers to you in 24 hours or less. Then, if your system needs priming or restarting, we'll do that as well. Simply add it to your order at checkout.

Interested in finding out more? Contact us today to discover a better way to heat your home.