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East Greenwich Heating Oil

Residents of East Greenwich enjoy a wonderfully central Rhode Island location along the western shore of Narragansett Bay — yet they also have to deal with the low temperatures and biting winds associated with harsh New England winters. And as the town is dotted with many beautiful historic buildings and homes, many residents rely on East Greenwich fuel oil delivery to get them through those winters. Fortunately, with easy price checking, online ordering, loyalty rewards and great customer service, Smart Touch Energy is offering East Greenwich heating oil prices that keep our customers coming back for more — which is why we don’t require any contracts or long-term commitments!

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Factors Affecting East Greenwich Fuel Oil Prices

With average low temperatures dipping into the 20s anywhere from early December through mid-March, many East Greenwich fuel oil companies typically hike their prices as their supplies run low and demand increases. However, with over 85 years of experience in the heating oil business, Smart Touch Energy has discovered a better way of providing customers with quality, savings and convenience.

  • An alternative to seasonal demand. Long before winter arrives and creates an imbalance between supply and demand for our competitors, we use our resources to purchase large quantities of heating fuel during the summer when prices are predictably at their low point. Then with a large, stable supply, we’re able to sell Warwick fuel oil at summer prices all year long! You wind up getting more than quality heating oil — you get savings and stability as well. 
  • Our efficiency equals your savings. Smart Touch Energy is always open to innovation, especially when it increases our efficiency. For example, our online platform allows us to cut out paper waste and lower administrative fees. Thanks to reduced operating costs, we save — and we share those savings with you. 

Why Choose Smart Touch Energy as Your East Greenwich Heating Oil Supplier?

Households of East Greenwich — from Greenwich Cove to Woods Corner — enjoy the many benefits Smart Touch Energy provides:

  • Online convenience: Imagine ordering heating oil like you check your email. Now, you can do just that! Check real-time oil prices, place your order and pay, all through our easy-to-use, secure website. Then sit back and track your order online — it’s really that convenient!
  • Superior service: With carefully vetted fuel suppliers, we deliver quickly, courteously and reliably. We never forget that your satisfaction is our top priority! 
  • Economical prices: Reduced operating costs and lower oil prices result in savings for you. Plus, if you like our service and decide to tell your friends about us, check out our referral program for even more savings! 

East Greenwich Heating Oil Delivery Options for Every Lifestyle

At Smart Touch Energy, we offer several delivery options so you always have the freedom to choose a service that fits your household. See which one matches your lifestyle:

  • Automatic: Let us monitor your tank levels and reward you for your loyalty. With this option, we automatically deliver heating oil when you need it. Then we reward you with an additional $0.03 discount off every gallon — on top of our everyday low prices! 
  • One-time: Stay in control of when you order fuel. One-time service includes online convenience, everyday low prices and outstanding customer service — all with no strings attached!
  • Emergency: Low on fuel? No need to worry. Our emergency delivery will be there in 24 hours or less. Additionally, our experienced technicians offer priming and restarting of your heating system if you need it. Get warm in no time!

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