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York, PA Heating Oil

When it comes to heating oil, 83 percent of internet users prefer buying fuel oil online. At Smart Touch Energy, we deliver on that preference with a user-friendly site that makes it easy — and convenient — to check prices for heating oil in York, PA, as well as order it online.

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What Affects Heating Oil Prices in York, PA

The price of heating oil fluctuates throughout the year. But our role as a provider of competitive home heating oil prices doesn’t change with the seasons. Why? Because of our low overhead costs, which we maintain through a 100 percent online presence.

See how we overcome the two biggest factors of higher heating oil prices in York, PA:

  • Seasonal demands: Winter is well-known as a catalyst to inflated heating oil costs. When the request for fuel oil increases in the winter, the available supply of heating oil decreases. In response, energy providers raise their prices. At Smart Touch Energy, our approach is different.
    We’re a part of one of the largest networks of fuel delivery providers. That advantage lets us deliver benefits to you, our customers. We can purchase large quantities of heating oil in the summer, when it costs less, and then meet the demands of our customer base during the winter. The result is lower and more stable prices than other providers.
  • Operating expenses: No matter the business, companies can’t escape operating costs. But at Smart Touch Energy, we limit ours. By taking an online approach to shopping for heating oil prices, as well as ordering and paying for fuel oil, we minimize our overhead through zero paper and only necessary staff.
    We take those savings and deliver them to you through our home heating oil prices. Combined with our tactic for limiting the impact of winter on our prices, the result is a competitive price and exceptional service that’s focused on your needs. It also leads to prices that are $0.40 less than the average reported by the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA).

How Do Delivery Services Affect Heating Oil Prices in York, PA?

Delivery services tend to be another factor that results in elevated heating oil prices in York, PA. With Smart Touch Energy, that’s not the case. We offer:

  • Automatic Renewal Delivery: We’re a customer-centered company, so we like to show our appreciation. Our Automatic Delivery program lets us do that. For every gallon, we provide a loyalty reward of $0.03 off your home’s heating oil, in addition to our competitive prices.
  • One-Time Delivery: For our One-Time Delivery service, we offer you an on-demand service that lets you order heating oil whenever you want. With One-Time Delivery, you can count on receiving our modest prices and exceptional customer service.

Our delivery services also include an emergency or rush delivery. Interested in placing your own order of heating oil? Then check out our up-to-date prices and delivery options by entering your zip code. It’s easy! Create an account to start saving on heating oil today!