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Smart Touch Energy's Heating Oil Automatic Delivery Program

The more than eight million homeowners who rely on heating oil to keep warm know all too well how much of a hassle it can be to stay on top of their fuel use. While oil has a number of great benefits for consumers — including its low cost, low sulfur content and efficient heating — its biggest drawback is that fuel isn't automatically delivered to your home — until now, that is.

Smart Touch Energy's Automatic Delivery program takes the hard work out of staying warm in the winter. In addition to seamless oil delivery, you'll also benefit from our transparent pricing, everyday low rates and exceptional customer service.

How It Works

Smart Touch Energy has pioneered a method of remotely calculating heat degree days (a measure of how much energy is required to heat a building relative to its outside temperature, often abbreviated as HDD). Using this system, we can keep track of how much oil you are using, without intrusive checkups or expensive technology.

It’s generally recommended that heating oil tanks be at least one-quarter full at all times. When we calculate you are nearing that point, we contact you directly to arrange a delivery at your convenience — typically within three days or less.

In order to allow us to calculate your fuel use accurately, the heating oil Automatic Delivery program requires a 12-month commitment to making Smart Touch Energy your exclusive supplier. To reward your loyalty, we offer all Automatic Delivery customers an additional $0.03/gallon discount off our regular low fuel oil prices. With the Automatic Delivery program, there are no hidden fees or sign-up costs, and a typical household in the Northeast can save as much as $200 a year simply by making the switch.

Making Billing Easy

Another persistent challenge associated with heating oil delivery is the limited payment options offered by most companies. Too often, homeowners are required keep cash or a check on hand when the delivery arrives — an additional inconvenience that takes time out of your busy day.

At Smart Touch Energy, all our customers have the option of paying using our secure online platform. Doing so lets you lock in your order at current rates and gives you full transparency into what you're paying for and why. As a heating oil Automatic Delivery customer:

  • You never pay for oil you don't need. You'll be billed only for the actual number of gallons required to fill up your tank, rather than what our calculations estimate. If you pay in advance, we'll refund any difference once the order is fulfilled.
  • You lock in your rate at the time of your order. If oil prices jump before your order is fulfilled, we'll honor the earlier, lower rate.

In short, Smart Touch Energy's heating oil Automatic Delivery program is a smarter, easier way of meeting your fuel delivery needs. To learn more, visit our FAQs page or contact a team member directly.

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