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Sudbury, MA, Heating Oil Delivery

Smart Touch Energy is a trusted provider of heating oil delivery services for Sudbury, MA, homes. We work with customers throughout the region, offering affordable rates, convenient online ordering and a variety of value-added services. If you rely on oil to heat your home, make us your partner throughout the winter months.

Order one-off delivery service or sign up for our Automatic Delivery program. Whichever you choose, you'll always enjoy commitment-free service, with no contracts and no obligations. Create an account today to check our prices and place an order at your convenience.

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Why Choose Smart Touch Energy?

Smart Touch Energy provides service throughout the Northeast and has roots that date back more than 85 years. That's a pedigree you can trust when it comes to your home. Rather than remain stagnant, however, we've always been at the forefront of technological change, improving our service offerings to make things easier and more cost-effective for our customers. When you make us your choice for home heating oil delivery in Sudbury, you'll benefit from our:

  • Online Ordering Platform: Online ordering is the fastest, most convenient way to schedule a heating oil delivery. In just a few minutes, you can arrange service to your home on your laptop or phone. You can even pay ahead of time and avoid keeping cash on hand during the delivery — if you end up needing less than you paid for, we'll automatically refund your credit card.
  • Contract-Free Service: Whether you use us once or start a long-term partnership, you're always free to shop around with Smart Touch Energy. We're convinced that our service speaks for itself — you'll see immediately why we're your best choice for heating oil delivery in Sudbury.
  • Fast and Courteous Delivery: Our technicians arrive on time, as promised, and get the job done with the highest level of respect for your home. We can fulfill all standard orders in three days or less, or provide 24-hour emergency service for a small added fee.
  • Affordable Pricing: Several factors determine the cost of heating oil in Sudbury, MA. Seasonal demand is one, as are infrastructure maintenance and delivery expenses. While there are many factors we can't control at Smart Touch Energy, our size and our bulk buying power give us a pricing edge. Check our rates online and see for yourself.

Service Plans

Our Automatic Delivery program is the best way to ensure you always have the fuel you need to heat your home. When you sign up, we'll take some information about your property and heating requirements, which will allow us to estimate how much oil you'll need over the course of the year. Then, we'll automatically schedule deliveries well before you're at risk of running out. Not only is this service free, but in return for your loyalty, you'll also enjoy a $0.03/gallon discount off our regular pricing.

Want to schedule your own deliveries? No problem. Once you've created an account, you can order fuel at any time. Get started by signing up today.