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Suffield Heating Oil

Formerly part of Massachusetts and now bordering it, the Connecticut town of Suffield lives up to its motto: Our roots run deep. From its working farms to family homes, this picturesque part of Hartford County is a place multiple generations enjoy calling home. Of course, come winter time in this part of New England, average low temperatures regularly drop to freezing or lower from November through March.

Fortunately, Smart Touch Energy provides Suffield fuel oil at economical prices. Thanks to our easy-to-navigate online platform, residents can now check prices in real-time, place orders and make secure payments without any need for contracts or agreements.

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What Determines Suffield Heating Oil Prices?

Until recently, many residents of the Constitution State didn't have much choice when it came to heating oil suppliers. We're out to change that by leveraging our more than 85 years of experience in the home heating oil business to create a more affordable way for our customers to heat their homes.

Here are just a couple of examples of how we keep our prices lower:

  • Provide an Alternative to seasonal demands: Due to seasonal demands, many companies see their supplies quickly decline when the weather turns cold, so they increase their prices merely to keep pace with their competitors. As an alternative to this scenario, we use our sizable purchasing power to buy oil in bulk when prices are at their lowest during the summer. With a large surplus, we can afford to sell at stable prices all year long. 
  • Reduce overhead costs: Efficiency is at the heart of everything we do. So when going paperless was an option, we launched our online ordering platform. By eliminating non-essential costs like those associated with paper and its handling we're able to share more savings with our customers.

Why Smart Touch Energy Is the Preferred Suffield Heating Oil Delivery Service

From West Suffield to the banks of the Connecticut River, households across Suffield are making Smart Touch Energy their preferred heating oil delivery service. See how the following benefits could help your home:

  • Online convenience: Our website is designed for the more than 83% of Internet users who'd rather buy their fuel oil online with 24/7 access. Check prices in real-time, place an order, make a secure payment and track your order all from the convenience of your smartphone or other devices.
  • Superior service: All of our independent suppliers are local and pre-screened, so you always receive fast, courteous service. Your satisfaction is our number one priority.
  • Affordable pricing: Stable prices combined with reduced operating costs result in more savings per order. And if you're happy with our service, our referral program can help you save even more.

The Choice Is Yours Suffield Fuel Oil Delivery Options

Today's lifestyles are varied and unique, so we offer several different delivery options. See which one best fits your household:

  • Automatic delivery: With our automatic service, we monitor your tank for you and deliver oil whenever you need it. You'll receive a discount of $0.03 off each gallon as well on top of our everyday low prices. 
  • One-time delivery: Be in control of your deliveries with our one-time service that still offers all the convenience of online ordering and access to our everyday low prices. It's the ultimate in a no strings attached deal.
  • Emergency delivery: Almost out? Our emergency service will deliver to your home in 24 hours or less. If necessary, we can even prime and restart your system, too.

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