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Wyomissing Heating Oil

Pennsylvania winters are no joke, and Smart Touch Energy wants to make sure Wyomissing is prepared. Our heating oil is both affordable and convenient thanks to our easy online ordering process. Use our tools to check prices in realtime and decide between the delivery option that's best for you. You can save time and money today by working with us. You don't have to worry about contracts or commitments ever again.

Check Live Pricing For Wyomissing

Have you ever wondered why heating oil prices seem to fluctuate constantly? The answer has to do with supply and demand based on what season you're in. At Smart Touch Energy, we have proven processes to keep our prices down all year long. Here's how:

  • Surplus in the Summer: Most people want heating oil in the winter when they're dealing with the cold weather in Wyomissing. Energy providers have to pay more to get oil during the winter since it's in such high demand. Smart Touch Energy purchases a surplus of heating oil in the summer when it's cheaper, and there's less demand. Then, we can sell it in the winter months at the same low price you would find in the summer.
  • Low Cost of Operation: You probably do most things online, so it only makes sense to also order your heating oil there. Other companies have high costs of operation, which translates into higher fees for their customers. Since we've minimized paperless billing by offering online ordering, we actually save you money.

Benefits of Using Smart Touch Energy in Wyomissing

People all around Wyomissing and throughout Pennsylvania can trust Smart Touch Energy for their heating oil. Here are a few of our benefits:

  • Easy Ordering: We have seamless ordering options that fit within your schedule. You can check prices in real-time and place an order, or use automatic delivery to let us do the work.
  • Trusted Service: Our service is important to us, and we'll make sure you always get dependable and reliable service. We work with different independent fuel dealers in the Wyomissing area and beyond to deliver your fuel. We pre-screen each one to make sure they have the same commitment to service as we do.
  • Low Prices: We keep our heating oil prices affordable, so you don't have to worry about keeping your Wyomissing home warm every winter. We purchase fuel in the summer and keep our operating costs to save you money.
  • Delivery Options: Our different delivery options are all quick and seamless. You can track your heating oil delivery time through our website and decide which delivery method you prefer.

Wyomissing Delivery Options

Several different delivery options can meet your needs, including:

  • Automatic: Smart Touch Energy has a proprietary system that monitors your tank's usage to determine when you need it filled up again. We also have a loyalty system with this option that includes a $0.03 discount on every gallon of heating oil you purchase.
  • One-Time: If you would rather monitor the rise and fall of oil prices yourself, you can choose one-time delivery from Smart Touch Energy. You just create an account, check the prices and place your order. It's that easy!
  • Emergency: Sometimes, you can't plan for the times you run out of heating oil. In those situations, we'll deliver your oil and perform prime and restart services to get your home warm again.

Don't wait to start ordering your heating oil. Enter your zip code today to check our live prices and schedule your delivery!