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Parkville Heating Oil

Experience easy online ordering, loyalty rewards, online price checking and convenience by choosing Smart Touch Energy as your fuel oil provider in Parkville. As a local heating oil company, we provide fast price checking and an online ordering system so you can save time, money, and enjoy quick deliveries! No need to ever worry about contracts or commitments.

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If you’ve handled your home heating for long, you’re probably aware of the hassles that can come with ordering heating oil. How much does it cost? When will it be delivered? How long does it take to place an order? Instead of stressing about it this winter, you can rely on Smart Touch Energy to provide fast, reliable service. Plus, everything you need is online. Check our prices, place an order and receive an invoice from any device no matter where you are — all you need is an internet connection.

What Affects Fuel Oil Prices in and Around Parkville, PA?

We control several of the factors that could otherwise make your heating oil prices skyrocket, including:

  • Overhead Fees: Typically, you’d have more than the cost of fuel to worry about. There are also administrative fees that come from the ordering and billing process. At Smart Touch Energy, we strive to avoid inflation and keep our prices competitive by managing everything 100% online. Internet users show an overwhelming 83% preference to purchasing heating oil online, so we make that option possible to ensure less waste, fewer administrative fees and better prices.
  • Increased Demand: When the season changes to winter and temperatures get frigid, heating oil demands skyrocket. For most small energy providers, this means increasing customer prices to keep up. At Smart Touch Energy, we’ve got the upper hand in this issue. We’re a small energy provider with a much larger, trusted PA fuel provider behind us: Shipley Energy. Because of this, we have the resources to purchase substantial amounts of fuel oil in the summer, when prices are at their lowest, and sell them for less in winter.

Our Parkville Heating Oil Delivery Options

Not everybody likes to go through the same process to receive their heating oil delivery. Some people hate to handle the ordering process, while others love the freedom of choosing their dealer and the amount of oil they get every time. At Smart Touch Energy, we have delivery solutions for everyone:

  • Automatic Refills: It’s our most popular option for a reason. With our automatic refills, we’ll gather information from you once you place your first order so we can accurately determine when you’ll need a refill. We’ll call you far in advance to schedule the next delivery. As a reward for your customer loyalty, with this option only we give you $0.03 off every gallon of heating oil purchased.
  • One-Time Delivery: Some people don’t mind missing out on the loyalty reward to take charge of their heating oil orders. We never require a contract or commitment because we’re confident you’ll choose us again on your own. With our one-time delivery, you can enjoy the freedom you love.
  • Emergency Refills: Of course, you prefer to be on top of your heating oil at all times, but sometimes it’s easy to let your tank levels fall by the wayside. If you realize too late that you’ve run out, we can provide a rush delivery and get the oil to you within 24 hours.
  • Equipment Maintenance: Almost all equipment manufacturers recommend yearly tune-ups and inspections to keep your HVAC system running smoothly. We perform this upon request, as well as prime and restart services before you run your system for the first time in the season and after your tank runs empty in emergency situations.

Find Our Prices and Place an Order

With plenty of small-town activities to keep you busy, the last thing you need to do in Parkville, PA, is worry about whether your home is going to be warm throughout the winter. According to heating oil rates listed by the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA), our per-unit prices are beating the national average by $0.40. Find out for yourself! Check Smart Touch Energy prices for your specific region quickly and easily by entering your zip code.