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Heating Oil in Huntingdon, Pennsylvania

Ordering home heating oil in Huntingdon County is easy when you partner with Smart Touch Energy. We offer our customers incredible prices, convenient delivery, and experienced personnel so you can stay warm this winter. 

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Benefits of Buying Heating Oil With Smart Touch Energy

Smart Touch Energy is a 100% online heating oil company that delivers fuel for your home furnace. Spend each season with affordable, convenient heating oil that keeps your tank full. With many delivery partners in the northeast, we maintain a consistent supply to fit your schedule. 

Other oil companies jack up prices in the winter because of high demand, but our timing gives our customers an advantage. We purchase oil at lower prices in the summer and charge up to $0.40 less per gallon.

Our online model also lets us have more control of stock. We put the money we save on overhead right back into our heating oil prices in Huntingdon County. With this strategy, our customers benefit from economical oil brought to their homes. 

Delivery Options

We bring our service to your area with oil delivery in Huntingdon. Aside from our standard services, we offer emergency delivery, arriving in less than 24 hours. For our regular delivery, we can provide the following options:

  • Automatic delivery: As a thank you for your loyalty, we offer a $0.03 per gallon discount on automatic delivery services. Save money this season with a system that rewards you and delivers based on your estimated use.
  • One-time delivery: Customers can enjoy flexibility with one-time deliveries based on their specific needs. We can deliver heating oil to your home within three days of your order.
  • Equipment checkups: Our technicians can perform a maintenance tuneup on your HVAC systems to ensure it's running correctly. Most professionals recommend a checkup on your furnace or A/C unit once per year.

Order Home Heating Oil in Huntingdon County

When you order from Smart Touch Energy, you get excellent service at a fraction of the average cost. Enjoy warm, cozy winters with a heating system and supply that never runs out. We provide heating oil in the Huntingdon area and beyond, so you can get started today.

Create a free account online to get started. Before you order, check live heating oil prices in Huntingdon County by inputting your zip code. Once you're ready, choose one-time or automatic delivery, and that's it! We let our simple process and excellent prices speak for themselves, so explore today for online heating oil!