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Carlisle Heating Oil

With Smart Touch Energy in Carlisle, it’s all about convenience without contacts or commitments. Easily check real-time fuel oil prices online, order from anywhere and earn loyalty rewards! In addition, always enjoy fast delivery from local and reliable providers you trust.

Check Live Pricing For Carlisle

If you’ve been using heating oil long, you probably know how much of a hassle it can be to place an order over the phone. Hold times are long for an order — and even longer if you want to check prices before deciding. At Smart Touch Energy, we offer convenient online price checks and purchasing so you can get a heating oil delivery to your Carlisle home without the holdup. We even offer a loyalty program without requiring contracts or commitments, and you’ll be able to check prices and order from any place, on any device.

Our Carlisle Heating Oil Delivery Options

Carlisle is a beautiful PA town filled with frequent events, festivals and other fun activities. The snow and conditions of winter are just another part of the beauty, but the temperatures can take a toll on you and your home if you don’t have a reliable, local heating oil dealer. We strive to make sure you have heating oil delivered to your Carlisle home and put safely in your tank no matter what your delivery preferences are, which is why we offer several options.

Our most popular delivery service is automatic. When you first sign up, we’ll ask you a few simple questions that give us the highest possible accuracy for determining when you’ll need an oil refill. We keep track ourselves so you don’t have to place any more orders. When the time comes for a refill, we’ll give you advance warning and then manage the delivery for your convenience. When you sign up for this service, we offer a loyalty reward as a thank you for your continued partnership with us — $0.03 off every gallon.

Even though the loyalty program saves customers money the whole winter, some prefer the control they have over the process. For those customers, we offer one-time delivery. You can order from Smart Touch Energy easily without any legal or financial obligations, and we’ll make sure your tank is filled quickly at our everyday competitive oil price.

If you find your oil tank is running lower than you expected, we can provide rush service to make sure you don’t have to deal with the cold without home heating. In this type of emergency, we can typically deliver heating oil to your Carlisle home within 24 hours. We’ll also perform prime and restart procedures to make sure your system is safe — especially if you’re starting it up after it runs empty or for the first time in the year. We can complete these maintenance tasks at any time, whether you request it once a year or only want it after an emergency delivery.

Why Choose Smart Touch Energy To Provide Your Carlisle Fuel Oil?

If our delivery perks aren’t enough to show you why Smart Touch Energy is the right choice, look at some of the additional ways we work to save you money:

  • Reduced Administrative Costs: Aside from our loyalty program that saves regular customers money every month, we use technology for online ordering and billing. This makes the process much more convenient for you, but more importantly, it vastly reduces waste, which cuts large administrative and delivery fees from your bill.
  • Lack of Seasonal Demand Price Jumps: Usually, the increased seasonal demand for heating oil in the colder months of the year means a spike in prices that affects everyone. Particularly with small companies, the resources just aren’t available to buy oil in bulk when prices are at their lowest. Since Smart Touch Energy is a part of Shipley Energy, we can buy heating oil in excess during the summer months and store it for when you need it most. This saves us — and in turn, you — the price increase from rising demand.

The U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) lists rates that show our per-unit price at $0.40 less than the national average. When you partner with Smart Touch Energy, you can immediately take advantage of these savings, as well as the ease and convenience of our new, smart approach to home heating. Enter your zip code now to find out the exact heating oil prices in and around Carlisle, PA.