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Experience easy online ordering, loyalty rewards, online price checking and convenience by choosing Smart Touch Energy as your home heating fuel provider in Maryland. As your home heating oil provider, we provide fast price checking and an online ordering system so you can save time, money, and enjoy quick delivery from reliable dealers in the area! Don’t ever worry about contracts or commitments.

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Like a lot of mid-Atlantic states, Maryland is known for its unpredictable winter weather. For homeowners, this often makes it difficult to budget for heating costs on a month-to-month basis, as it often causes home heating oil prices in Maryland to fluctuate. While temperatures throughout the state tend to hover around freezing throughout the winter months, cold snaps are always a possibility. In fact, in 2015, the Baltimore area experienced its second-coldest February on record, with an average temperature of 25.3 degrees.

For these reasons and more, if you rely on fuel oil to heat your home, it’s important to have a reliable supplier who can provide the fuel you need at a price that’s right for your budget. That’s where Smart Touch Energy comes in. We offer home heating oil delivery in Maryland and throughout the Northeast as well as great prices, fast delivery, and convenient online billing and service requests — place your order today and discover a better way to heat your home!

Understanding Maryland Heating Oil Prices

In Maryland, an estimated 16% of homes use fuel oil as their primary source of heat, according to the U.S. Department of Energy. However, many of these homeowners remain in the dark about the factors that affect the amount they pay when they buy fuel. As a result, far too many Maryland homeowners end up paying much more than they should for their heating oil. Here’s a quick overview of how and why MD oil prices change on a month-to-month basis:

  • Seasonal demand – Home heating oil is a commodity, which means the more people want it, the more prices rise. For this reason, the price of heating oil in Maryland is naturally higher in February than it is in May. One of the best things you can do to save money on your monthly heating oil bill is to fill up your tank when Maryland heating oil prices are low. If that isn’t an option, working with a supplier like Smart Touch Energy that has the buying power to offset these seasonal changes is the next-best option.
  • Delivery and admin fees – Aside from the price of oil itself, suppliers charge admin and delivery fees that account for a large portion of your bill. When it comes to keeping costs low, it pays to shop around. A reliable heating oil supplier that has a long history and large delivery network will have the infrastructure in place to save you money whenever you need a fill-up. Your supplier should also offer several flexible delivery options that reflect your needs and budget requirements.

Because the majority of heating oil in the U.S. is produced domestically, overseas events don’t have the dramatic impact on fuel oil prices in Maryland that some homeowners think they do. As a result, there’s more benefit than ever before to shopping around to find a great rate. And these days, when it comes to shopping for the best home heating oil prices, Maryland homeowners have more options than ever.

The Smart Touch Energy Difference

Smart Touch Energy offers homeowners some of the best fuel oil prices in Maryland and beyond. In fact, our rates are often as much as $0.40 lower per gallon than U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) averages. Here’s what makes us a better choice for all your home heating needs:

  • We’re a Shipley Energy company, which means we have the resources of one of the largest and oldest fuel delivery companies in the Northeast.
  • We have the buying power to purchase and store fuel in bulk, providing a hedge against seasonal pricing increases.
  • We offer online ordering and billing, which is not only a more convenient option for busy MD homeowners, but it also keeps our overhead costs low. This leads to savings we pass on to our customers through lower admin fees.
  • Our pricing and billing policies are completely transparent, with up-to-the-minute rates available on our website.
  • When you purchase fuel oil online, you lock in that rate even if Maryland heating oil prices go up before your order is fulfilled. This means there are no surprises when you receive your final bill.
  • Most orders can be fulfilled in three days or less, with rush service available in an emergency.
  • We offer additional services, including prime and restart, HVAC maintenance and more.

Next time you need fuel oil delivery in Maryland, make Smart Touch Energy your first choice. Ordering online is as easy as checking your email — set up an account to see current heating oil prices in your area and place your order today!

Flexible & Convenient Heating Oil Delivery Options in Maryland

To better serve a wide range of customers, we offer several different service options, including:

  • Automatic Delivery – Our exclusive Automatic Delivery program gives you access to some of the lowest home heating oil prices in Maryland, while ensuring you always have fuel on hand when you need it. With Automatic Delivery, we use information about your home, along with sophisticated technology to accurately determine when you’re due for a refill. We will then contact you to schedule a convenient time to come to your home to fill your tank. It’s easy, affordable and worry-free!
  • One-time delivery – Prefer the freedom to shop around? We offer no-contract, no-commitment heating oil delivery throughout Maryland. Our one-time delivery option puts you in control of when you refill your tank, as well as the luxury to pick and choose the best heating oil rate at any given time. Create a free account and order online today!

Great Maryland Heating Oil Prices — and Fantastic Service

Getting a great price on heating oil in Maryland doesn’t mean a whole lot if your heating system isn’t working properly — the price savings will simply be offset by increased fuel consumption. You can count on Smart Touch Energy to keep your oil burner functioning at maximum efficiency. Our well-trained, experienced technicians will come to your home before the cold winter weather arrives to tune up your oil burner. This includes a comprehensive inspection and testing, cleaning, lubricating, sealing and more. We can also perform any necessary minor repairs before they can lead to an untimely (and expensive) system breakdown.

Speaking of breakdowns, Smart Touch Energy is also the company to call if your Maryland home heating system fails. Our prompt 24/7 emergency service will have your system up and running again in no time, even if it fails in the middle of the night. And should you ever run out of fuel, our Prime and Restart Service is an absolute must. After refilling your tank and restarting your system, our tech will make sure it is properly primed to remove air from the fuel lines. This is a critical step for preventing a future breakdown from occurring.

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Don’t live through another bone-chilling Maryland winter without the warm, comfortable home you and your family deserve. And don’t pay an extraordinarily high price for your Maryland heating oil. You can trust Smart Touch Energy for affordable pricing, expert service, and everything else you need to stay warm all winter long. Keep browsing our website to learn more, or contact our team to speak with a representative directly.