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Charlestown Heating Oil

Charlestown is a historic town in Rhode Island that's probably most famous for its seafood and lobster festival in August. The event has a lot of people flocking to Charlestown in the summer, but they're long gone by the winter, when residents have to deal with the biting cold.

That biting cold doesn’t have to be a problem now that Smart Touch Energy is available for Charlestown heating oil delivery. We're here to make sure Charlestown residents have access to all the heating oil they need all winter long.

All you need to do is click below to check the latest Charlestown heating oil price and order. It’s that simple. There are no commitments or contracts with Smart Touch Energy — just order according to your needs and let us provide you with oil for as long as you want us to.

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Benefits of Choosing Smart Touch Energy for Charlestown Heating Oil

Why should you choose Smart Touch Energy over other Charlestown heating oil companies? Here are just a few of the many reasons:

  1. Ordering made easy: You’re not going to be tied up on the phone for hours trying to order heating oil with us. Just check the prices, place your order, choose your delivery option and you’re good to go — all online from the comfort of your living room.
  2. Quick delivery: Once you’ve placed your order, you won’t have to wait long to receive it. We use local oil distributors, which means you'll get your oil as quickly as possible.
  3. Great service: Customer service is our highest priority, and we work only with local providers who share that philosophy.
  4. Low prices: Our streamlined operation means lower costs for us, which in turn means lower oil prices for you.

Delivery Options

Do you want your oil delivery on autopilot or on a case-by-case basis? We offer both:

  • Automatic delivery: Just set your oil delivery up once and relax — we’ll bring you a fresh supply of oil whenever you need it. How will we know? You provide the basic information, and our brilliant algorithm will do the rest, alerting us to when your tank is likely to be ready for a refill. You’ll get the peace of mind of knowing you’ll always have a steady supply of oil along with our thank you bonus of three cents off per gallon — all without any contract or obligation.
  • One-time delivery: Maybe you have issues with commitment — we totally get it. If you want to place a single order, that’s fine. If you want to place a single order next time, that’s fine too. You can switch to automatic at any time or never. For now, we'll just give you your oil at a great price and get it to you fast every time.

If you should find yourself suddenly in need of an oil refill and can’t wait for standard delivery, let us know. We offer emergency oil service using the same low-priced oil we use for our standard delivery. We’ll be right over to fill your tank, prime your system and restart everything so that you can enjoy immediate relief from the cold weather.

Once you start partnering with Smart Touch Energy for your home heating oil, you’ll wonder how you ever got your oil any other way. See for yourself right now by submitting your zip code and checking live prices in your area.