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Thank you for downloading Know Your Options: Smart Touch Energy’s Guide to Home Heating Systems. At Smart Touch Energy, we believe information is power. Consumers make better choices when they base decisions on facts rather than second-hand stories, others’ opinions, unconfirmed assumptions and general hearsay.

As you read this energy guide, you’ll learn the nuts and bolts of the most common heating systems in the U.S., how they work, which variations are available and what their advantages and disadvantages are.

You may know a lot about your current heat source, but what about alternatives? Find out more about natural gas, propane, electric, wood-burning, geothermal and solar energy systems.

How do their heating abilities compare? What are cost differences? How is energy delivered? What apparatus is needed for each, and which system is best suited to handle weather where you live?

Once you understand your options, you’ll give serious thought to using heating oil. Throughout the guide, you’ll become familiar with its efficiency, safety, affordability and practicality.

If you’re currently a heating oil customer, the guide will reinforce what you already like about your furnace or boiler system — and maybe you’ll even learn something new. But if you’re wondering if oil heating is an option for you, you’ll have the opportunity to compare and contrast it with other fuels.

We also have an online price checking tool so you can get an instant quote on local heating oil. You’ll be equipped with even information to help you decide on your heating source.

Winters in the Northeast can get brutally cold, so you need a home heating system that’s both reliable and cost-effective. After reading this guide, we think you’ll agree that heating oil is a real contender.