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How Can We Offer Such Great Prices?

Through the course of doing business, we get a lot of regular questions. There’s one particular question we get all the time: How is Smart Touch Energy able to offer such great prices to its customers? The comprehensive answer is long, and it involves a lot of decisions that are focused on providing you with the best heating oil and other energy services. Here are just a few key factors that allow us to provide outstanding prices to our customers from Maine to Maryland:

  • Excess Capacity – Any energy provider is trying to strike a balance between capacity and demand. Demand is somewhat cyclical and predictable given how energy needs change throughout the year, but an unexpected cold snap or heat wave can drastically change things. Over the long term, we see consistent patterns in demand. But in the short term, anything can happen. At Smart Touch Energy, we buy up excess capacity from qualified local providers. These local providers are dependable, and they are glad to offload their capacity that extends beyond the current demand. We’re happy to take that capacity and offer it to you at an attractive price.
  • Real-Time Market Rate – Most consumers are charged a large premium over the day’s market rate. This could be due to a provider that has purchased a commodity at a future or fixed price, and their business model requires a premium to remain stable. But at Smart Touch Energy, we’re dealing with the real-time market rate — the price of oil that day. And there’s no premium fee attached when we pass along the commodity to you and your household. This allows us to deliver savings over the competition. We can’t guarantee the lowest price at any given time, but we can promise savings over the long-term.
  • Cooperative Delivery – The companies we’re purchasing from also take care of delivery. That’s why we choose to work with only qualified providers. While these partner companies are pleased to offload excess capacity, they’re also glad to embed our customers into their regular delivery routes. This creates efficiency and reduces costs — which we then pass along to you in the form of savings.

For more than 85 years, Smart Touch Energy has been helping home and business owners in the Northeast with their energy needs. Whether you’re in the market for a heating oil provider, propane, natural gas or something else entirely, we can deliver quality service and attractive prices.

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